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hello everyone - Norma


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Hello all :-P

I have just joined this site yesterday and this is my second post. I'm glad i found the site everyone seems to be very understanding. it has only been 3 weeks since my op.

I had just finished a shift of nights at work having worked xmas day and new years eve i was very tired. i slept all new years day as didn't finish work till 7am that day. then i was treated to a meal by my partner but went home early as was tired.

The next morning i got up then just felt a very painfull headache all of a sudden. The room started to spin and i felt very sick. i was so scared as i had never experienced anything like it before. my partner called an ambulance and i was taken to hospital. after a few test i was told i had a subarachnoid haemorrhage and i needed an op asap.

they transported me to the walten centre where i had to rest and not move for 2 days and then had my op on the monday 4th jan. the headaches still continued for a while but i am home now and they seem to have eased off a bit. although i still feel very tired.

really i am just glad to still be here. i think about work a lot but trying not to let it worry me as i just want to get better. i worry when i'm alone but i hope i get over that in time and i am able to relax more in the future.

i wish all on here the best of luck and health for the future and look forward to chatting to everyone.

love and hugs

norma xxx

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Hi Norma and welcome!

Gosh, you are very early days into recovery and you're doing well by just posting on these forums! :-D

Yes, your confidence does take a bit of a battering at first and what you're feeling is pretty normal after a SAH. Worrying about being left alone, is extremely common and it will all improve in time, just take each days as it comes for the time being, as things will and do get better. xx

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Hi Norma

Welcome to BTG. As karen said you are very early in your recovery and it can be an anxious time. I remember waking during the night in a panic thinking it was happening again. It will ease as time goes by. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest and drinking your 3 litres of fluid.

The length of recovery varies from person to person but what we experience during that time can be very similar! It took me 9 1/2 months to return to work. I never thought it would take me that long, each month I kept saying "maybe next month"!

You are doing really well even posting, it took me a couple of months to even sit at the computer and switch it on!

Take care

Liz xx

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Hello Norma and welcome to behindthegray.

Like Karen and Liz, I also remember worrying if it would happen again in the early days, then I found this site and realised that I was not alone with those feelings and the good people here were right: It does get better.


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Hi Norma and welcome to the site,as have been said you are doing really well so early in your recovery,recovery is different for everyone but i think you must be careful not to try and rush it, so don't try to push yourself to do more than your body tells you you can do, Best wishes with your continued recovery

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Hi Norma,

Welcome to the site. It is so helpful to speak to others who know what you have been through. I also worried about being alone, and about every twinge, pain, numbness, tingling etc... and you can read through others stories and posts on here, or post your own questions for all to answer or even send someone a private message to someone if you don't feel ready to share your query with everyone.

My SAH was only 6 wks ago and I had my op 5 wks ago so I am still in early recovery stage.

It was good that you and your partner reacted quickly and called an ambulance, to be diagnosed and rushed through for your op so quickly.

I am not sure what to think about work at the moment... I was due back today! I saw my doctor last week and he gave me a further 3 weeks off, to incorporate my follow-up appointment I have arranged at the operating hospital. I have so many questions written already...

I bought myself a diary a few weeks ago, to note down any strange sensations, pain, numbness, etc, so that I can raise any issues with the consultant.

I hope you are having a restful day

Take care

Kelley x

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hi everyone again

and thanks to all who replied it has been great reading all your post.

I have learnt a lot about this condition just reading other peoples stories. I try to rest as much as I can but I am one of those people that can't sit still glad I found this site to sit down for a while lol

norma xxxx

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Hi Norma

Kelley's idea is a good one - get a diary and log every twinge, pain and anxious moment, also write down any questions you can think of so that you can take it to your appointments.

The logging feelings in the dairy will help your recovery because you'll be able to look back at it in the months to come and see how the headaches have subsided, that you've had a good day or a bad day - I found it helped from a mood booster - I could see how many more good days I'd had than bad days in week, then a montha and it helped me through.

Anxiety is perfectly normal at the moment - I couldn't be left alone to the point where I ended up going back to work 3 weeks after but having a bed in my office (my husband and I have an Artwork Agency). It does pass - I found having counselling helped me a great deal.

Most importantly, take your time trying to do all you could do before - I found that the only person that expected that was me - so don't beat yourself up if you can't manage. The key is rest when you need to (and your body will let you know) and drink plenty of fluid throughout the day.

Take care hun and looking forward to getting to know you.

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Hi Norma

Just wanted to say hello and hope you are feeling ok. You certainly didn't have the best start to the year - I, for one can relate to that scary feeling that you felt at the time.

It is now 14 months since I went through it all and I do believe in time being a great healer.

Although I came out of it with very few problems, I was still off work for 5 months, so try not to think about work too much and give yourself time to recover - the time it takes varies so much with each individual. I only discovered, then joined, this site earlier this month, so I spent a lot of time keeping my feelings and concerns to myself over that 14 months- so I would certainly recommend talking on here if and when you feel it would help.

Wishing you the very best for the rest of 2010,


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Guest carakernow


Norma read your post this morning - so glad you are doing well and have found this site!! I found it so helpful during my early recovery process - then lost touch but am So glad to have found it again!! So much help & so good to be able to connect with others who understand and are very supportive.

Wishing you all a lovely day and hope to stay in touch - this time!!

All the best


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Hi Norma,

sorry its late in the day but welcome to the site. I only had my sah in November so I know how you must be feeling. The site is great for giving you a lift as well as useful information, because the chances are someone has experienced what you are feeling and can share their thoughts with you. As you will also find some of the bloggers have been in recovery for several years which itself is reassuring, when you are worried about a repeat episode.

Try not to expect to much of yourself to soon, take each day as it comes and rets if you feel you need to.

You are doing fantastic already, I lost about six weeks while in hospital while I was away with the fairies, I had hydrocephalus and had to eventually have a shunt but like you said we can count ourselves lucky to have come through the other side.

Be positive and look forward to a full future, take care look forward to your next blog.

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paul, Cara & John

Thanks for your replies :-D

Yea this site is very helpfull especially when i start getting worried about things I just log on and read peoples same experiences.

my left arm and face started to tingle last night and I felt a bit numb. I ran into the other room where my partner was because I thought something was going to happen and I did'nt want to be on my own. nothing happened thank god I was just panicking for nothing.

I went into work yesterday for a bit just to take my sick notes in and talk to my supervision. I know it should be the last thing on my mind but I needed to sort a few things out. I thought I must of overdone a bit.

It would be good to start chatting to members on that chat box thing :biggrin:

evening seem the best although Liverpool are playing tonight so will be watching that :lol:

take care for now everyone lots of hugs

norma xx

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Hi Norma and a belated welcome to the site from me :) (I sometimes miss threads and posts!)

You are doing really well, and just to let you know that I also get a numb tingly feeling on the right side of my face and right arm when I have overdone it! Not so much now that I am 2 and a half years on, but quite a bit the first few months. I now know it is a sign for me to have a rest :)



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