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Hi all...... my name is Di


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Hi Everyone

I am having a day at the PC so have already posted twice today but have just realised it would be polite if I introduced myself

My name is Di and i am a 52 year young married women who lives with her husband. My 28 year old daughter has left home and lives nearby with her boyfriend

I had my SAH on Thursday morning 7.55am 11th February 2010

I was walking the 3.5 miles to work at the time, briskly I might add, to get fit and lose weight. The "thunderclap" hewadache hit me like I had been shot in the head and almost floored me but the fear of embarrassment of being found on the floor kept me on my feet til I got to work and was sick

I waited 5 days before going to hospital but stayed there 9 nights as they did various tests

I have read lots of histories on here so feel I am one of the lucky ones as there has been no known cause identified but I also think this makes it very difficult to come to terms with as i cannot say I have been treated and all is well

I returned to work on reduced hours after 9 weeks and am coping though I am not up to speed by any stretch of the imagination.

I tire quickly as most of us here do and I get clumsy when tired. I also am over emotional and can get angry or tearful very easily.

My husbands has been a rock through this and has had to take on lots of extra duties around and about the house and I am still not cleared for driving.

My daughter has also been very upset by the shock of this but I hope it will not prey on her mind too much as we move forward through recovery together.

I didnt get told much at all whilst in hospital or if I did i didn't pay attention so I have been hungry for answers since I came home.

all your stories and comments, worries and encouragement, tears and traumas have helped me cope with this life changing episode

Thank you all

Thank you to all our friends and family who support us

and thank you to the medical profession who gave us another shot at living

Speak to you again



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Hi Di,

Welcome to BTG!

Well, to be able to return to work at 9 weeks is pretty amazing! .... I can only say, that you need to take each day as it comes .... Anything that you need to ask, then please feel free .... or even if you need to sound off .... there's always somebody on here, that will be able to help you or give you a friendly ear....

Family are pretty resilient .... my daughter was 14 and my son 18 when I had mine .... my daughter was more affected by it ... or she spoke more and opened up. It's always good to talk and I think that my first 6 months post SAH was filled with conversations, as to what happened and what could have happened.... but, things really do get back to normal.... just make sure that you take some time out for yourself too and do what's good for you, as a SAH is definitely a life changing event.

Wishing you well......xx

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Hi again Di - as I said on another thread, I had my SAH the night before you had yours. I'm lucky that the doctor at the hospital pushed for a CT scan immediately and I was transferred to the Neurology Hospital.

I felt able to return to work also after 9 weeks, but I'm really pleased that my other half wouldn't hear of it because since I've started doing more I've also noticed more problems! I definitely can't multitask any more and I have trouble concentrating so work would be a stretch too far right now, I feel. Having had a craniotomy I suppose the recovery time will be a bit longer.

Anyway, take care and look forward to "chatting" more...

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Hi Di

Welcome to the site and the family.

I went back to work 3 weeks after my SAH - panic attacks meant I couldn't be left alone so went to the office with my hubby (we run a graphic design agency). Did a couple of hours a day to get some semblance of normality back but tiredness was the hinderer.

You're doing amazingly well, but make sure you listen to your body - it'll tell you when you need to slow down.

Look forward to chatting.

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A warm welcome, Di,

It sounds like you are doing very well. I for one, can relate to the emotional aspect that you mention, although this has got a lot better over time. I think it can be an awful shock for family members too, so I hope your daughter is ok - it can take some time to come to terms with it all.

I also think it would help if we were told more about what to expect afterwards - then it might be easier to deal with the tiredness, emotions etc. - it wasn't until I joined this website that I realised it was pretty standard to feel so tired and that it wasn't just me!

Best wishes and take care,


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