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Daily Mail article today

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ALL the comments made me grr but then the Daily Mail isn't reknowned for honest/sympathetic portrayals of a lot of not so nice situations (you should read their articles on infertility!). It is down to the fact that none of the artcile mentions that an SAH could potentially kill or leave you physically handicapped or the amount of pain people go through operation wise! No wonder the comments are so frivalous, you wouldn't wish an SAH on your worst enemy having been there?!

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The Daily Mail is tabloid muck…I saw straight through it! This hapless duo were after publicity and money and were probably paid a pittance for the privilege of their stories to be dressed up, misrepresented and mocked! I didn’t believe any of it!!! Someone I know is a Mail journalist & told me I could be paid £50 for ‘my’ story if it could be sensationalised & facts twisted!! As for the comments…silly folk!:crazy:

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