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Hi everyone - Tina60


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Hi all,

I wanted to tell my story as I think I have been very lucky and hopefully it may help someone feel a bit more positive!

I had my SAH on 30th July 2010, my daughters 6th birthday. We had been out to Alton Towers for her birthday - I only went on kiddy rides with her, nothing too exciting! We got home and I put her to bed. Later on that night I suddenly felt like I was being hit around the head and had to rush to the loo to be sick. My neck was also killing me. I thought it was a really bad migraine so took some Ibuprofen and went back to bed. I don't remember the next 36 hours. My boyfriend at the time (now my ex but thats another story!) couldn't get any sense out of me in the morning so got me to walk downstairs and sat me on the sofa. My poor little girl was there, trying to give me a drink of water and saying it would make me feel better if I drink it, bless her. An ambulance was called and the paramedics took me to A & E. First they thought I might have meningitus, but a C/T scan showed the bleed due to an anurism bursting. I came to in the neuro SCU, where a nurse was telling me I was off to theatre. I had no idea what was going on. Next thing I remember was coming round in the ward and being told I had been 'coiled' and it was successful. Next day I ws moved onto a ward and allowed up to have my first shower in days. Still a bit headachey but lots better. I was dischared after 8 days and went to stay with my Mum, who had been looking after my little girl. I stayed at hers for 3 weeks then went home with daughter. 8 Weeks after my SAH i was declared fit to drive and return to work part-time. I went back to work 3 weeks later. I find my self getting tired very easily, and my memory isn't brilliant but work are being very understanding. This is my second week back and am really glad I went back. I am suffering from depression since the SAH, but have started anti-depressants and will be going to counselling in a couple of weeks which is helping.

I still don't feel myself, but considering how bad it could have been I do consider myself lucky to have escaped any major ill-effects.

I have read a lot of survivors stories on this site, and feel so blessed that I have been lucky enough not to have suffered some of the awful side effects that some of the poor people have. I don't think I am explaining myself very well - Most of the stories I have read have been heart-breaking when you consider how much the person has suffered, and I wanted to put my story forward as I feel I have been very lucky in not having many side-effects, and am back at work and driving in such a sort period of time.

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Hi & welcome to BTG Tina

You have done incredibly well to be gong back to work after 8 weeks, recovery does take a long time both physiclaly 7 metnally & the tiredness is killer on some days. I have learnt the hard way that I have to rest when my body tells me to or I pay the price.

I hope you find lots of support & help on here


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Hi Tina

Welcome to the site.

I too have escaped relatively lightly compared to others. I also had my driving licence back after 2 months, and returned to work 11 weeks after being coiled. I do have a good memory of my whole ordeal, and keep meaning to update and add to my story so I can repost and let everyone know how my recovery has been.

Glad to hear you are not suffering with awful side-effects and are back in the driving seat and back to work so quickly. That must be a blessing with a young daughter to look after.

Take care and hope to hear more from you

Kel x

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A big warm welcome from me,Tina. I'm very new on here too,I already feel I've been here a while as everybody is so welcoming.You will have massive support here from people that understand what you've been/going through. I'm very impressed you are back driving and are working.They're both major goals for me.I can deffo understand the fatigue side I used to suffer so badly but I'm getting there now,like it's been said,it just takes time.

Jules xxx

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Hi Tina,

Nice to read your story and it's good that you are back at work and driving again. Both of these can still be quite tiring so take it steady.

Alton Towers is a wonderful place and I bet you're quite glad you only went on the baby rides that day - having seen some of the rides, I don't think they would do anyone's head any good!

I, too, am grateful to have come out the other side of a sah in good shape and have been saddened by reading the stories of those who have been less fortunate. It is amazing how far some have come on and they are an inspiration to us all.

I hope the meds and counselling help you to improve even further. In the meantime I wish you well and say a big hello to your daughter who tried so hard with the water - bless her.


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and thanks to everyone for your lovely posts.

Must admit being back at work is harder then I thought. I felt exhausted yesterday by the time I got home. Could hardly do anything today on my day off. Think I might do a shorter day tomorrow, as finding it hard to look after my little girl when I am so tired - I'm lucky that she isn't very demanding and is happy to entertain herself most of the time!

Any way. I'm off to bed as I have to be up early for work

Bye bye XX:sleep:

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