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New Member Mike from South Carolina

Michael Enloe

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I had my SAH on October 11, 2011. I had been experiencing a headache for a couple days that suddenly got really bad while I was dressing for work. I am not one to run to the hospital but I called my sister and asked her to call an ambulance while I unlocked the door. I last remember being loaded into the ambulance in Aiken, South Carolina and waking up almost 3 weeks later in the ICU of a hospital in Augusta, Georgia. I was experiencing a small bleed while at home and thankfully I was in the Aiken ICU when the big bleed happened. My heart stopped several times when the big bleed started and without a doubt I would not have survived without the ICU team. After I was stable enough to transport, I was moved to Georgia where coils were used to stop the bleeding.

After 6 weeks in the hospital and another 10 days in rehab, I was able to return home with a walker. I can now walk normally. The headaches have stopped but I do notice that I tire very easily. I also have noticed that while I feel very normal and clear headed at home, I sometimes feel confused and unsteady when I am out in public. I have had 2 surgeries on my right eye to remove the blood and repair the retina (the last surgery required me to lie face down for 17 days!). Unfortunately, my retina is still has scar tissue that must be removed and there is a small hole in the macula. I hate having bad vision!

I really miss the old me and I am trying to get to know the new me and what that means. Sometimes that really gets me annoyed and depressed.

Thank you all for posting. It is encouraging for me to hear that others have gotten through what I am experiencing now.


Aiken, South Carolina

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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the site. Hope your recovery goes from strength to strength. There are a few of us with vision problems,. I for one have lost most of mine in my left eye. Have to take good care of my right one as it does all the work now.

Take care.

Sonia x

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Hey there

Welcome to the site and to the family.

You're early in your recovery so that tiredness is to be expected. Rest when you can and make sure you drink plenty of fluid to help ease the headaches.

I'm five and a half years post SAH and still sometimes struggle in crowds - especially the town centre on a Saturday day time - it depends on how tired I am (I work 9-4 everyday in a primary school office). It does get better with time but take it slowly for now.

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Wow, you've had quite a different experience than I have. I'm new here too. I'm coming to appreciate how there are so many different scenarios here with types of bleeds and recoveries. I'm fortunate to bounce back quickly. I want to bring that positive aspect to the site. You've been through a rough spell and like most people here say, it will improve with time. The hard part is the question "when" and to what extent. Those were always my main concerns. I'm living proof that things can change quickly and resolve completely. It didn't seem that was in the early days though. I couldn't even see properly to type on my keyboard. I dictated to my iPhone!

Take care Mike and keep positive!


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You seem to be doing well........I still cannot walk properly..my back aches real bad when I walk too far

Got any tips for backache lol

Keep getting better and try not to worry too much,,,,and keep singing and smiling

All the Best

WinB143 x

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Hi Mike, welcome to BTG.

Crikey you did have an ordeal - how on earth you managed those 17 days face down, I can't imagine. I do hope the eye situation improves for you. Fortunately my eyes weren't affected by my sah, apart from having regular visual disturbances ever since the event. Personally, I think that sight being affected must be one of the hardest things to have to contend with. I have an unruptured aneurysm close to the origin of my opthalmic artery and the thought of that going 'ping' fills me with horror. However it has remained stable for the past 3 years so here's hoping it will continue.

I'm sure you will find this site very informative and I hope the support that is on offer on here from other sahers will help you through your own recovery.

Take care,


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Hi Mike

Welcome to BTG!

You were certainly lucky to be in ICU when the main bleed occurred.

Will they be able to restore your sight with further ops?

That is fantastic that you are walking normally now. We all seem to suffer from trying to get to know the new person we have become... but onwards and upwards, we can keep on recovering even years down the line. We just have to take the scenic route rather than the most direct route.

Remember, lots of water, lots of rest, and lots of cutting yourself some slack too ;) (I wish I listened to my own advice sometimes... :lol: )

Take care

Kel x

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I will be returning to opthamology on Tuesday, the 20th. There will be further ops but because I have more than one issue, they are trying to figure out how to fix one thing without making the other problem worse. I'll keep you posted.

I seem to be the SAH case that got every rare complication possible but lived to tell about it! :-)

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Mike not wanting to trump your card but I had vasospasms during my op although my neuro said my anni didn't bleed, he said he'd never seen that before!Normally its the blood irritating the vessels that causes them to contract! I do like to be different!!

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Hi Mike, I am new on here too! It has been over 2 years for me,and I think the worst thing that I remember is having double vision!!But one day while at home, it was gone!!my eye dr. said a lot of vision problems is the eye's reaction to stress.Made sense to me.Hope you find this helpful, it has made a world of difference for me.Take care,Jan

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