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Encouraging nerve recovery and a healthier brain?

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Like most of you, I am very keen to ensure my recovery goes as smoothly as possible; ideally I'd like to regain as much of my visual field I've lost as possible.

I've read about how omega 3 and vitamin B can help repair nerves, so I've added these supplements to my diet. I was just wondering if any of you other members had come across useful information about how you can help your brain recovery more quickly or effectively, whether that be by considering what you eat, or through alternative medicines? I'm most interested in repairing nerve damage. Thanks

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Oh so funny you should ask! I have had fibromyalgia for years and it is so affected by what I eat and how I live my life. I also was recently diagnose with Trigeminal Neuralgia Atypical ( as it shoots nerve pain though both side of my face but mostly right side and right eye). I have been treated for cluster headaches since SAH but about 9 months ago my head pain changed. I asked the neurologist at the last appointment if diet plays a big role in this nerve face pain thing as it does with the fibro ( I had much neuropathy in grip & falling about 15 years into it).

I just assumed that if the nerve ending are on fire or not shooting correctly it only makes sense like a diabetic diet would to a diabetic?? It is all basically you trying to give your body what it needs in areas it may be missing. Nerve pain is nerve pain no matter the cause. She agreed, and even told me about a woman she treats in horrible pain and wrote note to herself to speak to her about diet.

I also had a Vitamin B test result form last summer and asked if I could take vitamin B supplements safely and she said by all accounts knowing that I eat WHOLE foods and have really tried to eat healthy that my levels were low. I also started vitamin D. I cannot take omega's as it causes me to have more allergic reactions to other foods and chemicals ( Go Figure!!) but do eat walnuts, salmon and other foods daily. For me if I took the omegas I would break out in hives if I ate fish, stung by a bee or mosquitos but I can eat the foods and be semi ok.

I am not recommending medical advice but I just figured you are what you eat. I asked a doctor about this before I added the supplements. I also want my eye pain to go away but I was afraid of adding anything more as I am on Cymbalta for years and was added Lyrica to help with the new face pain.

I know if I drink sodas, fats, bakery foods etc I feel so much worse and I think it causes inflammation that causes pain similar to my fibro and although I am not a diabetic I get how closely all of this stuff is related so I am being pro active in my diet more so than ever. I do not want to be on so much medication but also know I cannot risk me gouging out my own eye to stop the pain! I am in a pretty good phase or cured!! But I am being really strict with diet, exercise and supplements per my doctors advice.

Good Luck, MaryB

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Chloe, as we are not medically qualified we cannot give advice but there may be members who have tried these supplements and can report back on if or how they have helped them.

Please bear in mind that different people will have different results. What works for one may not work for another.

Before taking these supplements please check with your GP.

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It's always worth asking your GP for a full set of blood tests to actually see if you're deficient in anything. I was and was prescribed supplements.

I also suffered with heavy periods, so I was low in iron and folic acid .... which can and will contribute to fatigue as well....my B12 levels were also low.

You do need to check out your supplements, especially if they thin the blood or interact with other medicines. xx

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The real interesting question is why do not they not send you home with that book of instructions that we do not get but if we did they should include what my Neuropsychologist said to me recently ( after 2 1/2 years). You must eat healthy, take time to rest your body everyday, and do some form of exercise and have joy in your life. Lucky I had the diet thing already pretty much down! But geez this is such good advice and so simple!

Along with a good reference to a well balance whole food diet without all the additives etc..... I drink a soda and I know it for days! I would love to drink soda or "pop" is what we call it but it makes my nerves ending on fire. I drink ginger ale if my stomach is upset only.

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To promote nerve adaptation and development the research states for a normal person:




New experiences also help like learning a new skill or something.  When we are taken out by something like SAH, we are constantly learning like a child does.  Every experience gives our brain a chance to tax itself and try.  Start small, then work to harder and harder stuff.  It may be just standing at first, then later it is walking and then dancing.  The point is to go slow so your brain can assimilate after each endeavor.  This is a natural process and doesn't require any change in diet, but attitude.


Happy learning and moving.


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I take supplements but I also use Essential Oils. I'll send you a private msg.


Hi Iola, I would be interested in PM comparing supplements and essential oils, etc. and just how you are doing.  I haven't been on BTG for a while.  Coming up on 3 yr anniversary and remember reading your posts about the same time.

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I've been using an oil diffuser/ioniser with lavender essential oil in it as I was having problems sleeping after my haemorrhage.  I also scoured the internet looking for foods rich in vitamin B and omega 3 - 'brain foods' meant to be good for brain functions.  In terms of supplements, I've been taking vitamin B tablets, garlic tablets and cod liver oil.  I have no idea if any of them work - for example, my memory is still rubbish - but it might be worth a try.

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Well it can't harm you and you will remember slow but sure.


When I came on here I used to scroll through posts to see who said what  lol  as I'd forget names.


But every day/week/months it gets better slow but sure xx


You are doing well keep it up xx Have a good weekend also xxxx


Win  xxxx

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