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My cranioplasty is complete!!

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Hello friends!
Last week I had my skull put back together! I really wish the nurse hadn't told me that it would be an "easy" procedure because I was expecting easy and it hurt like hell!!


I did not sleep at all the first two nights because of the pain! The pain is just now starting to lessen a little. Although I still have a moderate amount. However , I have a round head again now and hopefully this will get rid of the daily headaches.


I'm hoping that this is the first step in getting back towards a normal life ! Thank you all for the never ending support !Mandie

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Well done Mandie


As Winnie says - you are very brave-


Delighted you are positive about looking to the future  


Wishing you good strength to face whatever challenges come your way in your recovery- 


Be patient - time does heal



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