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Hi All,


It's been a while since I visited your site. A lot has happened. I had to flee my home in July with my six year daughter due to DV problems and begin divorce proceedings. We spent two months in a Thelma and Louise type situation, driving around with our vital belongings in supermarket bags in the car, I can't say it better than that, homeless, relying on acquaintances for shelter not knowing from one day to the next if we would be safe.


Cutting a long story short, I managed to rent a flat for the two of us (no small feat given that French landlords don't usually rent to people on disability), now we are settling in, trying to furnish and install the minimum to be comfortable. Luckily we are just two minutes from my daughter's school. 


I am writing because the pressure and stress and fear during that period has been mind-blowing, it defies description actually. I have lost 30 kilos. My head has been aching pretty constantly over the last few days in exactly the same place I had the thunderclap back in June 2015, I have a burning sensation and numbness at night in my left thigh and I don't feel very good overall.


Could the pain and numb burning feeling be a sign of a rebleed? I live in terror of this. Any advice/ideas/opinions would be welcome. With the weekend arriving I am probably a bit more anxious than I should be.


All the best,

Sammy Anne

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So sorry to hear about your problems Sammy Anne, bet it was an awful time for you both.


Are you with a Doc in France? perhaps someone who had NASH might be able to help as I had SAH but remember nothing.


I wish you good luck Sammy and your Daughter.  Must be awful so wishing you both the best.



Win xxxx

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You're so wonderfully empathetic and full of good advice, I knew this was the right address! Thank you so much. I've taken painkillers and anxiolytics and sleeping tabs and am feeling a bit better today, head aches much diminished,will go to the Internal Médicine guy when I can though to check out the leg symptoms (it's a step up from the loss offeeling on left side after the bleed).


We are trying to get help on all fronts. I just need to protect my daughter and find a place, physical or otherwise, that we can both feel safe and rest in. Will keep you posted. Hugs, Sammy Anne

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Hi Sammy Anne,


My heart goes out to you and your child. I cannot imagine what you have been going through.  I hope you will be able to settle in for a while to get the rest and peace you need. I know in my case, stress and fatigue will cause pain, numbness, and general weirdness on the side of my head where the SAH occurred.  That said, I agree totally with others that you should see a dr. If you are feeling badly. That is the only way to know for sure, and if it is from the extreme stress you have been under, the reassurance will take a large weight from you.


I truly hope you will feel better soon and that your daughter is managing to stay afloat through this struggle. Lifting up prayers for your peace and comfort.



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Sammy Ann


I really feel for you. Luckily for me the police arrested my violent ex hubby after he attacked both myself and my son. We went to court and they ordered him to a higher court as they wanted a longer sentence, sadly the judges at a higher court gave him community hours!! We were rehoused but in same county.


I hope you can now live in peace and rebuild your lives and move on from this traumatic experience. 8 years later I met someone and remarried so it can happen.

Good luck and please try and relax as stress won't help you.


Wendy x

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Thank you so much.


We'd have been better and safer if we'd been able to return to the UK but my ex husband had  our passports stolen. It is a nightmare trying to do anything here without ID. New ones can't be issued without paternal cooperation. I'm just trying to find and get furniture in here for my daughter's room and then put it together and thereafter, once we are settled, I will feel safer going back to the hospital for I feel the time has come for tests.


It's risky as "he" could grab her back if I am unable to look after her and I am so afraid (and so is she) of this. This almost happened three weeks ago when I was hit by a lorry outside my daughter's school. I harassed the hospital to lettng me leave just in time to pick her up from school. My head is feeling better and a bit less achy perhaps because I have tripled my anxiolytics and that gets the anxiety down and frees me to concentrate and do things.


Careful of my doses, tempted to quadruple and quintuple it all  ... just to have some temporary ^peace of mind. There's nobody close to us, just destructive people trying to wrench my daughter away and demolish my reputation and totally ruin me financially so I am unable to look after my little one (husband is refusing to sell or flat and I have to still pay half despite being in a new rented flat for the two of us, this is a tactic) I have never felt so vulnerable except perhaps during the first three weeks post SAH.


My parents stated saying recently that they didn't feel he was really devastatated during my seven weeks in hosp despite coming close to the worst thing imaginable and I felt that he put the pressure on me (through being abusive to both my daughter and me) as soon as I returned as if he was trying to push me into a second SAH. I'll go back to hosp next week, tackling the lack of sensation with massage and painkillers in the meantime.


It'll be no surprise to you .... life is a struggle.

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Hi Sammy Anne


Im sorry to read your post and a little more than concerned have you any documents from the UK driving license or any issued by the UK.


If so please contact the embassy and ask for help to repatriate you if your parents are uk residents and if you explain the situation of d v  I am sure they will help get you back.


Please be very very careful about taking the drugs given to you, you could inadvertently  overdose which not be a good idea I wish you well take care.  

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