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4 years today - March 28

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Hi everyone, 


Today marks my 4 year NASAH anniversary! March 28, 2015, just two days after my 40th birthday, I experienced 'the headache'. I knew something was wrong within minutes and had my first ambulance ride to our local hospital. They thought I had an aneurysm so they rushed me to the trauma hospital the next city over. A few hours later a neurologist told me I had blood on the brain. He never used the term SAH, NASAH or stroke, just blood on the brain.


When I was discharged days later, I asked, what happened to me? What is this called so I know my medical history? I had never heard of SAH until it happened to me. I was off work for 2 months and it was absolutely the worst months of my life. I couldn't work, drive, read, watch TV, think straight, cough or sneeze. My body was just still. It was afraid of what a jolt might do. With family support, meditation and just taking things day by day, things did get better. 


Four years later, I'm doing well. I celebrated my 44th birthday a couple of days ago, no ambulance ride or ICU :) This is progress. 


I'm still scared it's going to happen again, I'm afraid the next time it may be worse. But I don't want to live in fear. I want to live each day the best I can. Whatever happens to me, will happen to me whether I worry about it or not, so I try not to overthink. 


My SAH is a mystery to this day. No cause determined. I suppose not everything in life has an explanation. 


Thank you to BTG. I do check in and read the articles, your stories and it's comforting to know we are not alone. 


Cheers from Burlington, Ontario - Canada! 


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Hi Alison,


Congratulations on 4 years...sounds like you are doing well.  I think the fear of this stays with many if not most of us...I will be two years out in May and like you no cause was found, perhaps making it more worrisome.  You are right, I think, that not everything in life has an explanation.  My thought is that there is a reason but the doctors don't know everything (they know a lot, but not everything)....they continue to learn.  


Mine happened when I was 64, it was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me, it will stay with me always. 

I agree with you not wanting to live in fear...I think it is a day by day thing, everyday pushing a bit further back, so it will become something we don't think about everyday.   Working on it also :)  


Best wishes as you move on enjoying your life, you have lots of life in front of you...My best wishes for a happy healthy life.  I liked reading your thoughts, remember you are a survivor, we all are.


xx Jean

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Hello Alison and also a huge well done four years on.


So glad that after these early traumatic months you are now looking forward and positive about the future.


While some survivors find from their initial scans that they have other aneurysms that may require monitoring In the future,... those recovering from NASAH and those whose aneurisms have been coiled or clipped can take much comfort from knowing that the instances of a recurrence are very low indeed. Although you may reflect on the past from time to time, please take that positive approach and do not let a fear of it happening again spoil your life for years to come.


Thanks for acknowledging that BTG and it`s members have been a source of encouragement to you.


Wishing you well in the days ahead.





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Hi Alison,


Happy Anni~versary xx


Good you made a quick recovery, until I found this site I was so scared and I saw laughter and joking going on and it makes me feel so much better to know I am not the only one.  That is how I first thought of it after waking up from cuckoo land.


Once I had a shunt put in I awoke and my Daughter found this site that helped her also as she was worried for me. 


I am at the stage now where they don't let me get away with anything so I know I am better lol.  Cannot walk very far but at least I can walk little ways before back goes  xxxx 


Glad to hear from you as posts like yours help others who come on here xx

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Congratulations on your 4 years. And for being able to live with such a positive attitude. This is something I am currently trying to alter my mindset to, as you are right, worrying does not change anything. I was 39 when it happened and turn 40 this coming week. I hope when I turn 44 I can make such a positive post. 


Take care.

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Thank you for all your nice comments and well wishes! 


I now consider myself not only a survivor but my head is now a barometer. 


My head throbs when I'm stressed or feeling anxiety ... about anything - life, work, etc. I swear I can feel the exact vein pulse that bled 4 years ago, when I'm feeling tension. It reminds me to stop, breathe and relax.


I can't stand the wind, it makes my ears hurt and feel full for hours. I wear a hat when I go walking.


My eyesight has changed. I've always had glasses but now my eyes are worse, new script each year and my eyes get heavy and tired quickly. Not the easiest thing to manage when I'm trying to work on my computer all day.


I find in general my energy level is less. I need rest more often and 8+ hours every night.


Although I enjoy exercise, especially outdoors, I'm always thinking about my pressure - my blood pressure, my head pressure. 


When I'm sick with the cold or flu, I can't take anything. 4 years ago I had the flu and when I had the SAH, I was on 3 meds for sinus and chest infections. I'm now blacklisted from many medications as they affect pressure/veins and arteries too much. 


I know I'm lucky. I didn't need surgery, I'm no longer monitored by my neurologist and my life for the most part, has returned to normal. I'm grateful everyday. 


Last thought: When I went for my last MRI follow up with the neurologist and again I asked him about it happening again and why did this happen? He told me ... we don't have an explanation, sometimes things in life just have to blow up every once in awhile and then he showed me his wall of patient files, thousands of them and he said, most of these people I will never see again. It's a once in a lifetime occurrence and I think you are part of this wall. 

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The Barometer heads as I call them are not nice are they Alison, when weather is overcast I feel my neck is going into my shoulders  lol and  my head feels heavy. Lots on here get them, and the buzzing in ears.


We all get these in one way or another ..well most do.

Happy Sunday


Also we have on forums a Green room where we can rant or let off steam, or feel worried and I always ask sensible questions like "is this natural"

Ha ha  !!  







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