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Five years today

Loose Wires

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It's five years since my SAH and same-day coiling.   


Whilst I've been really, really lucky, I've learned to cope with a naggingly persistent, low-grade headache, the common afternoon down-to-the-bone-marrow fatigue and a number of the cognitive challenges that many of us face. 


Folk around me, especially family, have come to terms with my occasional excessive grumpiness, my inability to multi-task (I was never much good at that!), my hit-or-miss memory and the late afternoon appointments with my pillow!


Now retired with plenty to look forward to, I keep myself busy with bits of lightweight volunteering, walking and watching sport.


Best wishes to everyone as we continue with our recoveries.

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Dear Loose Wires - just love the name!


Congratulations on your 5th anniversary yesterday. Hopefully there is still room for a bit more recovery regarding those niggling things you mention.

It's my 11th anniversary in a few days and I still have those afternoon appointments with my pillow most days!   


Best wishes,




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