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Help I'm new- Tosh

Guest tosh

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I,m new to this although I have looked at the site before.

I have had a few mini strokes last year which resulted in discov :( ery of 3 aneurysms.

I have had 1 coiled and stented and am due to have the other 2 revieved in May in Edinburgh and to see if the first coiling was good.


I am scared.

I feel a bit of a fraud as I have not had a SAH however it is rather scary

If anyone has any advice I would be really grateful.

Tosh :(

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Hi Tosh a very warm welcome to you...so glad you have found this site :D:D

You will find lots of information and get lots of wonderful support. I have been clipped....but there are others that that are or have gone through the same as you. You take care and look forward to hearing more from you.

Love Tina xx

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Welcome to BTG Tosh,

Don't feel like a fraud, having aneursyms are scary enough for anyone.

I am sure everything will be fine for your upcoming mri.

Feel free to ask any questions and I am sure that myself or someone else will be able to answer.

I look forward hearing from you more.

Take care.

Myra xx

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hi tosh

welcome to the site its understandable to feel scared and perfectly normal there are many people who will help you through this worry as many as tina says have been clipped and will offer you the support you are looking for and answer as amny questions you have to put your mind at rest welcome again and very good luck for the future best wishs

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Hi Tosh,

We have a few members that haven't had a SAH, but have untreated aneurysms. You certainly aren't a fraud here! We also have a few people that have had a SAH and are also living with untreated aneurysms.

Feeling scared is something that all of us have felt and it is bound to make you feel like that, especially before a scan and the uncertainty of what they may find. The vast majority of us, that have had scans on our coiled aneuryms, have always had a good outcome from the scan and it can be a reassuring experience to know that we're being monitored.

Wishing you the very best of luck and please always feel free to ask questions here ..... there's always normally somebody that will be able to respond with their own experience.

K x

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Hiya Tosh :) There is no way that you should feel a fraud, and there are folk on here in the same situation as you so please take heart! Think about it, so your aneurysm has decided not to pop, but you are now being monitored and I'm pretty sure that the experts will do their best to make sure that nothing gets the chance to pop!


You say you are scared, so I will ask you one question, do you think there is anyone out there who knows that something is not quite right in their brain, for goodness sake, on which we are pretty dependent! Are any of them not scared, I doubt it. Next time it gets scary or you have a question to ask, come in again and ask someone will know the answer. Good Luck to you :)

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Hey Tosh

I can only echo what the others have said - it's scary enough knowing that its there without it popping - I'm sure they'll monitor you well.

Anything that you want to ask or if you just want to vent a little anxiety, then feel free.

Take care hun and welcome to the site and the best family you could ever find :wink:

Love Sami xx

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Guest ElaineW

Hello and welcome. My mum's was coiled almost one year ago and gosh I felt scared so can't imagine how all you guys must have felt. My best advice is ask lots of questions it really helped me by knowing exactly what was going to be done. You have found a truly helpful site. Take Care


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Hi Tosh, welcome to the forum, you will find lots of info here and lots of friendly people in a similar situation to you.

Dont feel a fraud because you havent had a SAH, finding out you have an aneuryms is very scary. I will never forget the fear and shock I felt when they told me about my unruptured aneurysms and that was four years ago.

I have had three unruptured aneurysms coiled, during two seperate procedures and all went well and remains well.

Good luck with the MRI check up and let us all know how things went.


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