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hello,- from Jan


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Hiya everyone, i'll keep this short, because the internet keeps knocking me off ( i've tried this about 1/2 dozen times ). I had a SAH on the 5th Nov 08 followed by a vasospasm and three TIA's and was readmitted in Feb 09 with a blood clot, I thought for one horrible moment it was another bleed!!!!!!!!.

Out of the blue, 3 wks ago i received a letter from Walton Outpatients saying that the Walton Centre had referred me, it was for my Pituitary gland to be tested, I thought it was a bog standard letter, but it turns out they have just received funding to test for damage after a SAH. They took blood every 1/2 hour for four hours after giving me a hormone injection, and iv'e just had the results, it turns out i am now not producing enough cortisol, they have done another test to make sure it's not a false negative, the Dr is phoning me next week with the results of that, if that comes back the same it seems i will be on hydrocortisone, which according to the Doc will only take a couple of days to kick in and i will start to feel like a new woman. I know a lot of people on the BTG site suffer severely with fatigue, so fingers crossed this might be the way forward for a lot of people.

I've just got to say a huge thank you to Arrowepark Hospital and The Walton Centre for the care i received, they were absolutey brilliant.

Hello to Janet,


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Hi Jan and welcome!

How interesting! I've often read that the pituitary gland can be damaged after a bleed, as it's close to the circle of willis..... think that we should all be routinely tested. Will mention the test to my GP and see what he says...

Really hope that it does the trick for you and come back and let us know, if you feel like a new woman! :wink:

Karen x

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Hey Cookie Jan :wink:

Welcome to the site and the family.

Very very interesting indeed - I don't suffer a lot with fatigue now but used to an awful lot. I had my thyroid tested not long after my SAh cos of the weight i seemed to piling on even though I was eating healthily, but it came back normal. Is the pituitary gland to do with hormones too? was told this could a reason for the weight gain - any excuse LOL

Nice to meet you anyway and hope to speak more soon.

Take care

Love Sami xxx

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hi jan

a very interesting artical think i will get lin tested as well and see if anything comes up if walton do have any information jan could you let us know where to find it please wishing you well and a continued recovery thank you so much

sami your just beautifull and cuddly lol

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Hi Jan :D A very warm welcome to BTG..... that is very interesting, i shall also mention to my GP next time.....look forward to hearing more from you...hope it works...take care . Love Tina xx

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Guest ElaineW

Gosh that would be a turn up for the books if if works and I hope it does. My mum could do wih a bit of that magic some days to make her feel like a new woman, her fatigue is pretty bad most days. Keep us posted and a warm welcome.

Elaine & Maggie

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Hi Jan

So glad you finally managed to post :D and great to hear that the tests are going well and identified something that might help. Will be hotfooting it to my G.P to see if I can have mine tested might even get rid of some of the nerve pain as well now that would be a bonus.

Will give you a ring in the week must arrange to meet again soon.

Janet x

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hiya again,

Update on the hormone thing, just heard from the doc at Walton, the last blood test shows that apparently i am producing just enough of the hormone myself to warrant NOT having to go on any meds, as he says its a "double edged sword" at least i don't have to take meds but my chance of getting back to normal a bit a quicker has gone out the window, this ****** brain haem has got a lot to answer for, cos i definately didn't feel like this before. ( sorry for the moan ). I don't think there is any info on it yet as it's only a trial, i think there are 10 of us taking part and it's going over a year?, i have to go back in Nov and have the test done again, so i should think something will come to light about it at the begining of next year.

I think it's going to be a bit longer before i'm wearing my knickers on the outside of my jeans, but hey ho :lol:

All the best

Jan xx

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Hello Jan

welcome to the site x x

Well lets see what next year tests say hey :D

It does get annoying trying to get back to how we was x x

I am 14 months since sah and suffer quite bad with fatigue and feel it rules my life x x a answer would be great or even help with this matter x x

tc and welcome again

look forward to hearing from you in the future x

love donna x x

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