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Referral to Haywood Centre, Stoke

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Had Richards first goal planning meeting yesterday. On the whole he is doing well. He is too eager to do things so has tried standing a few times which has resulted in falls. They were putting electrical pulse things on his arm but when they leave him along he turns the dials up on them so they have now stopped this. Over the next four weeks they are going to try to get him to stand from bed and transfer into a wheelchair (he has to use a board at the moment to slide across). They are also going to practice getting in and out of a car in the hope that he can come home every now and then for a night. coming to do a house visit in 2 weeks to see if the house will be ok for doing this (fairly sure it won't be but you never know). The main probs they have with Rich is his lack of concentration which makes it difficult to do things with him and he has always been know to say things without thinking but it appears to have got worse - he ha slost his inhibition so says things he shouldn;t and even though the nurses say it isn;t a problem for them it will be when he comes home - someone could end up punching him if we are out and he says something insulting.

I don;t think he really likes it too much where he is as he would rather be at home but I keep saying that if he came home now all he could do is sit and watch the kids play but if he sticks it out for a few more months he could come home and join in with their games. They have said there is no chance of him being there at christmas so possibly around october time to come home.

He has an appt next Tuesday to see his a neurosurgeon at Stoke. He has been passed from My Pryce to Mr Shaw so whether this meeting is just to meet him or whether they will review the remaining two aneurysms then. He also needs to have the piece of skull put back but someone said this isn't done for 6 months which takes us ot september.

Have now put on here a family picture taken last weekend of us - we never have pictures taken as a family so am really chuffed with it.

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its lovely to hear how richard is doing and how frustrating this is for you try not to worry about his actions and words for now it obvious he what to get more mobile and come home but by reminding him of his goals will he get better

simon shaw is a cracking dr he was sent to sort lin out after the ****** up a very caring man and will answer all your questions he had all the time in the world with lin and me and i suppose from a womens point of view quite dishy that was from the escort when we went to see him he he i just hope things continue to improve zoe take care and remember where here

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Morning Zoe,

you sound as though you are coping very well with what is happening. It must be hard travelling to Stoke all the time. But the end result will be worthwhile when you can get Richard back home. He seems like a keen young man who wants things to improve and is trying to accelerate things maybe before he can actually achieve them. It is very difficult for both of you, we never plan or expect these events to happen and we have no experience of how to cope or react to them.

I am sure the staff are doing their best to rehabillitate Richard and things wil continue to improve. Having targets to achieve is good because it gives you a purpose to try and improve. There is no bigger incentive than to grt back home with your family.

I hope the children are okay, remember yourself in all of this it is a lot of responsibility.

Take care and give Richard my regards when you next see him.:wink:

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:redface:Hi Zoe I 've been keeping up with your posts too. Can't give any advise just keep faith and remember that whilst recovery can be slow one day can make alot of difference. Richard has come a long way. You hav a lovely family.Take care if yourself. Maggiexl

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Had a meeting today with Richards surgeon. He has said tyhere are three things to be done:

1. An MRI scan to check on coiled aneurism and see what is happening with the other 2 aneurisms

2. Put the piece of skull back

3. Treat 2 remaining aneurisms

He has said that he will do 1 and 2 within the next 2-4 weeks as the skull can't be kept in his abdomen too much longer as the body will try start to break it down and it will then end up a lot smaller than the hole. When he goes in to have this done they will also give him an MRI to check everything. Soon after all of this they will then treat the remaning two aneurisms - the scan will show whether they will be coiled or clipped. On then whole a positive meeting (trying not to think of the bad things that can happen during steps 2 and 3).

In terms of his progress, Rich has become very depressed this last week. He phones me in tears begging to be taken home. This is stopping him from working hard - all he wants to do is lie in bed. Hopefully this will wear off soon and he will become more motiviated.

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hi zoe

im please that Simon is going to sort Richard out so that he is more stable and has a chance of a fuller life i understand how Richard feels he has done so well in such a short time i have a feeling that he thinks that he is going to be in hospital for ever and that the October date will disappear and he wont get home but he will its just a side step i think reminding him that October is still the date things should happen and to aim for that until someone says different i know how you feel about stage 2 and 3 but Richard needs to focus on October as the end date and that it is important that he gets stuck in i wish you both well and await your update as and when you can do one hugs and cuddles sweetheart

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Thanks for the update, I hated being in rehab, & more so hated my husband for having me in there, but looking back I am SO pleased that I was there its enabled me to be ther person that I am and for that I am SO greatful.....

take care Zoe look after yourself..

So, Richard if I could hack it anyone can it really does make all the difference in the world & in time gives you a piece of yourself back - hang in there I really do know what its like....

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Hi Zoe,

Hope that all goes well for Richard on August 6th and definitely a move forward and another step to coming back home. :-D

You're an August birthday like me .... I had a bit of a scare a year after my SAH and was in hospital on my birthday .... well, for part of it and managed to escape in the afternoon and came home to celebrate! Hope that you also manage to celebrate your birthday in some way too .... sending early birthday wishes to you and wishing Richard the very best of luck with his op. xx

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