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It is ages since I have been on the site, I have gone from being an almost daily visitor to not visiting for months. I have only just noticed that I have not been on the site and the obvious reason is I FEEL BETTER. I had not even noticed that I had improved so much over the past year or so until I reflected on it recently and realised I was back to living a full life.

I felt I should post these positive feelings because it is was helpful to me to read about full recovery (or nearly full!) when I thought that would never happen to me.

When doctors told me it may take two years to recover I thought they were mad, it would only take me a few weeks or so I thought. Mmmmm, they were totally correct. After about 18 months I decided that the way I was at that stage would be the new me but since then I have carried on improving and now I am as I was pre SAH except for a sore/stiff neck when I get tired.

A recent holiday with lots of walking made me realise that I no longer had a problem with activity, very different from the past few holidays.

Doing some temp work at the moment which has gone on for much longer than I expected and I can cope, unlike the previous year.

Having to drive up and down the motorway to elderly mum, last year it exhausted me and I took weeks to recover, now it is not a problem.

Even simply doing the Christmas shopping, writing cards or walking round London, couldn't do it last two years, no problem this year.

Browsing the net for long periods, fine now.

Housework, don't know, try not to do too much!!

All very simplistic and ordinary things but things that I could not do for the first two years but now I can.

Hope this helps some of you in some small way.


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Thank you Ann it was just what i needed to read. Im almost post 6months now and feel that ill never get there, but as you wrote it does take time. I too felt the DR's where nuts when they told me how long i'd be ill, i thought " They don't know me, it want take me that long " but as time goes on they are proving me wrong!! Exhastion is the hardest thing for me at the moment with bad headaches, but hoping with time this will improve as it has with you.

Thanks again for the update as it does pick us up when we are early on in our recovery :wink:

Thanks Rhiann xxxx

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Hello Ann! :-D

I'm so pleased for you! :biggrin: It just goes to show what you can achieve and that sometimes the changes are so subtle at the beginning of recovery, that you don't really notice the improvement until you look back on a previous year.

I'm sure that your post will help and give hope to many others that are feeling a little stuck with their recovery at this moment in time.

Keep well and thanks for popping in! :-D xx

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Hi Ann!

Congratulations on all your progress!:biggrin:

Thank you for sharing your good news here! It is encouraging to know that even when we think we've hit that plateau, there may be more good coming our way.

Here's to you for getting through it all and continuing to prosper in all areas of your life!!!

Staying positive,


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Thank you for your post.

I have had a difficult time of late, culminating in flu like symptoms over the last week.

This has all contributed towards a very low mood and a general resignation that I will always be unwell and things will never be easy again.

It is encouraging that things can get so much better.


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Hi Ann well done and thank you so much for posting such positive words. This is just what I needed to hear. I am a year behind you and have felt a huge impovement this year. But still not what i'd expected or hoped for and sometimes I get really sad and frustrated and others I am resigned to the fact and that things could be alot lot worse!

Only yesterday I threw a wobbly because I had a bad bout of fatigue after doing too much. I'd felt well for two days and hit a wall! So reading your post has given me hope and thank you for being my inspiration.

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Hi Ann

What wonderful news, well done to you.

So great to hear stories like this when i am so early in recovery. My main problem is exhaustion and head fatigue. I seem todo okay as long as i pace myself. Hope this will be the same story for me in 2 years.

Tracy S xxx

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Ann! How fantastic to hear from you - I just mentioned you to someone the other day and was wondering how you were :wink:

It's great to hear how well you are doing. Personally, I have felt a HUGE difference since I hit the 9-month mark. I'm not fully there yet, but the fatigue is easing, which is a massive relief. I hope to be doing some part-time work at the hospital soon..... Occy health have cleared me to do some typing, as long as I "don't overdo it".

Keep smiling!

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Hi Ann

What a great post, thank you.

I'm just recovering from a infection and a few days ago I said to my husband that I felt just as exhausted as when I came out from hospital and was starting to feel a bit low. I'm 20 months post SAH and was starting to feel great but this infection threw me a bit.

Reading your post has just made my day!

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Hello all,

Ann lovely to hear how well your doing good for you.:-D The only change in my Mark is pre SAH he was a tea drinker and now post SAH a coffee drinker, i think thats to do with him giving up the cigarettes, he tells me he needs a kick from something.:lol:

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