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Three year brainaversary


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Happy brainaversary to me, January 27. 




Three years post and I never thought I'd still be dealing with this, but I guess that's how brain injuries are. One person gets a nail gun to the brain and walks away fine, another person slips in the bathroom and doesn't. You just never know. When I was in the hospital I literally thought it was a minor deal. I never lost consciousness, didn't think I had much in the way of impact (outside of, apparently, denial). I was told it was "just a little brain bleed...not to worry" from my lovely German Neurosurgeon and that all would be well within four weeks.


I won't repeat my complaints about not being prepared for the realities of recovering from an SAH. We've all discussed it before and will, I'm sure, discuss it again. If I ever get the free time and money to become a patient advocate volunteer in neurology I swear to GOD I will help people deal with the aftermath! I guess, in a way I do. Four times since people have steered friends with strokes or concussions to me and I have gladly talked with them, often for months, as they worked through recovery. Even just someone to say "Yes, I've been there. That is normal. I understand." is a huge blessing.


In fact in my FB update every year so far I put a PSA about "the worst headache of your life" along with my story of the day I had mine. Someone asked if they could repost it, said they would take my name out if I wanted and I told her no, please feel free to leave it in and in fact if anyone ever had a friend or loved one who needed support, to please send them my way because the people who helped me through my first year were such godsends.  


I always wondered why this happened to me; not so much in a "why me" way but more in a "What is my lesson to take from this?" and I think maybe the reason is so I can help others with it. I've had a similar experience with infertility. God did not bless us with children, even after treatments. It's okay, He blessed me with the best husband for me, ever. Just seriously, an amazing man and I've always said if that is all I get out of this life is a man who loves me, supports me, and dotes on me, then I am more blessed that I even deserve.


So I'm okay with it. But when my sister-in-law married the first thing she wanted was to have a baby and, unfortunately, she too struggled with infertility and sadly was NOT blessed with a wonderful husband. (He is better now, but he was not supportive through the infertility ordeal at all.) She came to me and I was able to be there for her as only someone who has been through it can and I was very thankful, then, for my experience.


So here I am three years later...still alive. Still have a headache...but still alive!

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Fantastic Teechur!  Way to go!  Very happy that you seem to feel happier and happier as days go by.  Keep it up.  I think we are all some kind of miracle just by the fact that we are still here - so let's live like it.  


Love to all - Many happy congrats to Teechur.


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Hi Teechur,

I am on your Facebook and read your post. It is so amazing how stories of all our "aftermaths" are so similar. Oh, you've had a brain bleed but in the big scheme of things you'll be fine now get out and live your life. You may have a few headaches but will be fine. What! Live my life? How? That's how I felt and I had a great surgeon and great care. Just no information. We need a book called something like, "What to expect while healing."

You honestly do have to recreate yourself after such a life changing event. Congrats to you and I hope this year will be a year of hope and healing.


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