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First year anniversary


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Well a year ago today I was probably sitting in the GP's. I had stupidly drove myself there after experiencing the most horrific pain in my head whilst showering. I thought someone had assaulted me over the back of the head with a baseball bat which knocked me to the floor. I now know that an aneurysm I had, had probably bled.

This year has been a tough one, whilst I know from this site how lucky I have been coming away with some mild memory and physically problems it has still been a hard journey. I have looked today at texts sent on that day and can still feel how fearful I was. My aneurysm which was large was successful coiled later that week by a marvellous team whose care was second to none. I remember the angiogram and lying on that what I can only describe as an "ironing" board - not great but knowing that that amazing technology would be what could either save or end my life. I have to say I was thankful when they did the coiling I would be sedated.

What a lot I have learned both about me, my family and friends. Seeing my son fly from Akron to be with me was excellent as I worried I may never see him again if coiling went wrong, my daughter came with me to the emergency ward after I was sent there by GP. They were terrific support, my husband and sister were amazing and bless they really have had the most to deal with as have been the brunt of my roller coaster of emotions.

This site has helped enormously offering an understanding ear, a safe place to share feelings and of course some fab singing and small insight into other people lives. Today I am going to enjoy that I am alive x

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Hello Sharon


Thanks for your post and well done for facing up to the varied challenges of being `post  SAH` .


Sharing your highs and lows is also very hard on your immediate family and I am sure they will

be so pleased to see your progress. How are they ?


You mentioned that your sister also had an SAH October 2014. How is she? Maybe you have

mentioned this already and I`ve missed your comments.


Facing up to having to accept that your former daily life at work and at home, have to change is

never easy. However ensuring that your progress is sustained is always the priority.


Take care and wishing you continued recovery in `Year Two` .


You are right- BTG is a great benefit to everyone who uses the site. ( Fab singing essential part

of the package :lol: )



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Hi Subs sister had aneurysms (4) but they had not burst, she had thunderclap headache which is how they discovered her aneurysms but don't think any have bled but that her veins had twisted which is what caused her headache. They are monitoring them currently - fingers crossed they never go x

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Congratulations on your 1st Anni-versary Sharon,


You have come a long way and yes the journey has been a rollercoaster

but you`ve done it, family support is amazing and you wonder how they

have coped so well, it`s amazing when you look back and you think what

they have also been through.


I have found a lot of your posts have helped me a lot, I`d like to thank you

for that.


Lots of love & Best Wishes on your special day



Michelle xx

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Hi Sharon,


Congratulations on your 1st annie-versary :)


I'm glad you have that year behind you and that the next 12 months are a little easier all round for you.  I like your description of the 'ironing board' - couldn't have put it better myself!


I agree that family support is invaluable - I'm sure they're all relieved to have moved on from that day too. 

Its' been a pleasure getting to know you Sharon and despite coping with your own recovery, you have been a great support to others - me included - Thank you,



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Sorry I missed your Anni versary xx


Hope you had a good one and all good thoughts /Happy thoughts.


You look after yourself and lets all have a celebration xx Belated or otherwise lol xxxx


Love ya Secretary of the shunt Club lol


Win xxxxxxx  

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