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Hello Fellow Stroke Survivors


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My Name is Keith Henman

Some of you might already know of me through chatchack.net/antiquarian - Mr T. Bibby's much used friendly chat site.

So here's a little more about me!

Born on the 6th of AUGUST 1958. I'm married to LESLEY with a thirteen (going on twenty) year old daughter called ZOE.

Now living in “Holme Upon Spalding Moor – EAST YORKSHIRE


It was “MONDAY 23rd MARCH 1998 about 1930 hrs (½ past 7 night time in English). Just about to bath my daughter. When I felt a little funny, then all of a sudden I couldn’t move my left side. So after managing to drag myself to the bedroom, phoned for the ambulance myself.

Calling out for my daughter, (she was 3½ then) buy the tone of my voice; she sensed there was something wrong. My wife was going out that night with the girls.

So there I was stuck on the bed, waiting and wondering what the h****s happened. About the same time as the ambulance arrived, my wife returned from her friends.

It felt like ages before they arrived, but now I know it was only about 10-15 minutes. So there I was strapped to a board (lucky I wasn’t carrying myself) being lowered done the stairs, and of to hospital, “GLOUCESTER ROYAL” within a few minutes, (In a very short space of time we had to arrange a child minder, and somebody to come with my wife to the hospital) I was being pushed and pulled by anybody who came past. Then after about an hour, somebody said I could go home and come back in the morning.

It was then was wife (not very politely), asked if anybody thought it was a bit odd. That somebody who came in partially paralysed should be sent home, and told to come back to-morrow. In the comments that passed over the next few minutes, a young doctor intervened. Asking what’s going on. It didn’t take long for this doctor to realise that further investigations needed to be carried out.

Then it was a quick trip from “GLOUCESTER to BRISTOL” I suffered a massive bleed. So there I was in “FRENCHAY HOSPITAL” miles from home, wife and friend who are now driving, rushing down the motorway. I won't go into detail what happened in the next week, can’t remember much anyway. Then it was back to “GLOUCESTER ROYAL” for, what turned out to be 15 ½ weeks? A very long time for anybody, in that time my wife only missed four days visiting. It was hard for her, and my daughter to.

If anyone wishes to read a fuller version of my Story, it can be found on the MEMBERS page of http://www.strokesurvivors.co.uk

I will however add to this, because it's ten years down the line now. My outlook on life has changed, and I'm doing things I would never ever dreamed of.

Watch out for the next installment!! I will be back

Keith Henman


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Hi all

Lovley comments, thankyou

I'm writing these to make you all aware that your not alone.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Talking Helps

This site is the best I've been on for ages.

We all help each other, now thats a massive plus

Thank you to KeithB & Karen, for allowing me my input & thank you all for your comments

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Hi Keith H,

Thanks for your kind comments about the website ..... Stories like your own, help new SAH'ers/Stroke survivors to realise that there is a future and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, even though the road to recovery is not always easy and can have many twists and turns, as many of us know. I'm just over 3 years post SAH and still feel that I'm achieving recovery .... mine has been slow, but consistent and hopefully, it will continue for many more years to come. :D

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