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i am new here my name is nick


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Hi Nick :D

Welcome to behind the gray :D Glad you managed to get on 'behind the gray'......i have found this website a Godsend, hope you find it as helpful. Well done, you have done very well with your recovery so far :D:D

Sorry i am not in your area, but have spoken to you in the chatroom.

Take care

Love Tinaxx

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Hi Nick,

Welcome to BTG, a fab family, who you can share laughs and moans with and gain great support.

I'm not far from you, I'm in Coventry! If your a Leicester football fan though i'm not sure i'm allowed to talk to you, I am a coventry city season ticket holder!! :lol::lol::lol:

Any questions please shout, one of us will be able to answer.

Love and hugs



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thanks i not a football fan so you ok i am i market harborough nice to here from you i am gettig better every day i just lost 2 stone and weight lifting every day to get fit never been fat or smoked no sait ect now fish and chickenthanks again nick new boy

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Hey Nick

Glad you found us - I was in the Chatshack on Friday - Rossigirl (was my original sign here - long story :wink: )

And yeah - nice wheels.

It's great on here - everyone understands and listens - you'll get some great advice and some great friends.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Sami xxx

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Guest ElaineW

Welcome, Nick - I'm a carer. not into carp but just in the process of acquiring a tropical fish aquarium!!!!!!!!!! yum yum yum my cats willl love


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Hi Nick

Just like to echo what everyone else has said, welcome to the site. It's been a great help to each and everyone of us. Funny that, saying the site has been a great help - it's the people on it who have been the help and, more importantly, Karen for starting it along with her, Keith and Chris's hard work in keeping it up to scratch! whatever, it's a great place to be, so glad you've joined us.


ps - great wheels

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