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Hello Everyone,

I have recently joined Behind the Gray and I am a young stroke survivor,I am 37years old and I suffered my stroke at the age of 32.The doctors called my stroke a spontaneous cerebral haemorrhage and it has affected the left hand side of my body.My short term memory is very poor and I have been left with epilepsy due to scarring on the brain.My stroke was alcohol related,I have a very loving wife who showed me great support and love during my rehabilitation.I am happy with my life and no longer drink so I thank the stroke for that.I hope to meet alot of survivors,carers and family members of stroke and just like to say a big hello.

Best Wishes Derek

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Hi Derek

Glad you found BTG and welcome! Great place for support, friendship and, believe it or not, fun (sense of humour is very useful in our situation, don't you think!) Everyone here's great and all understand what we're going through as we're all in the same boat.

Looking forward to seeing you in here lots.

Sarah xx

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Hello Derek and welcome to the family x x

I had my sah april 08 and i was 28 it is a big shock to deal with in life but I also believe I am a better person from my sah x x

BTG family are ghreat to talk to about ANYTHING and I have made alot of friends on here x x




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Guest ElaineW

Welcome, I am a carer and this site has been a lifeline for me at times. My mum had hers six months ago (75) and everyone has a story/advice very much worth reading. Keep posting


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Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome I'm still finding my way around.As I writ in my first post my stroke was alcohol related and I writ a book and done a podcast about my experiences,if anyone has any interest in my book and podcast then you can find them in The Book Forum.The book is titled ''Return Ticket Please'' and I writ it under the pseudonym Derek Williams.The link to my podcast can also be found there just click on it and scroll down to 'A Survivors' Story' click again and you will be able to listen to my podcast.If anyone has any questions or comments then I would love to hear from you.

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