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Leg Weakness

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Has any one had weakness in their legs? Maybe its because I was always on the go and rushing about! but I have noticed that my legs feel weak and its a real effort sometimes. I have also heard it could be a mineral/vitamin deficency, have had blood tests but they were ok. Any advice?



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Hi Caroline,

I'm nearly 2 and a half years on and yes I still get weak legs. It tends to be the leg that that used to put the coils in that is worst. The consultant told me that it could be an after effect of the operation because me leg had took a lot of bruising and the consultant also said that my other leg would try and compensate and thats why I have problems with that. It is worse first thing in the morning and when i'm tired though.

Hope this helps a bit

Love and hugs



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Hi Charty :) I too have some weakness in my legs, it is confirmed by my GP and others who have checked the comparative performance of each of my legs, one is definitely weaker than the other and neither is as it should be, I gather. I have been told that it will improve and that I am most unlikely to be left with any residual weakness when I finally feel I have reached the end of this tunnel :!:

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Hi Caroline

Yes, me too. It was terrible post SAH and operation. I couldn't lift my right leg up to go up the stairs and had to pull myself up on the banister. Did a lot of damage to my shoulder and neck which took the strain.

It did get better over time though.

Now and again when I've overdone things, my right leg can be definitely weaker.

Hope you improve with time. Yes, and like Donna, it does help if you put your feet up and rest when it gets bad.


Lesley xxx

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Hi Caroline :D

I get weakness and discomfort at times the leg that was used for coiling. Mostly absolutely fine by this time (SAH was 2004) I do notice it if I overdo it, or am run down. I do think at times it is a nice easy way for our bodies to remind us to rest a bit ;)

Take Care

Blondie x

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I also have trouble with my legs and still find I have to use a stick to get around. The problem is also in my right groin where they have gone in for coilings. I have been left with a massive blood clot, twice (outside the artery so no pulse in it thank god), The medics told me this could take anything up to 18 months to disperse. It is still quite a large size and when i sit too long i get uncomfortable and numb same when I stand and when I am in bed if I lie on my right side I get numbness from the hip down to my feet. Then i get pins and needles. Doctor said its because the clot is pressing on my femoral artery which in turn is pressing on my femoral nerve....hence the numbness and pins and needles. Up and down like a yoyo at times.....lol.

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I have weakness on the left leg, I can walk fine but I cannot lift the leg up so sometimes have problems climbing stairs.

It,s the leg that the coiling was done so like Blondie and Laura. I have had physiotherapy to strenghen the leg but no changes since SAH.

I guess I have to live with it.

Myra xx

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