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21 Years


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1st November, tonight anytime between 6-7pm it will be 21years since I had a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage Wow! I wasn’t going to post anything did last year on 20th but wasn’t this year but for everyone this year has been hard, challenging, hard to navigate, and just downright ‘’


I thought because family don’t interact with me, and I’m used to being in the house a lot the staying in to protect would be a piece of cake – It wasn’t I have lost my independence now, it will return at some point but for now it is what it is. But compared to what others are going through – so what!


Compared to when I started this journey its easier than then I guess challenging but easier.

So, challenges there maybe but with the SAH came determination, if I can’t get around something or through it, or over it then I will give in but only after I’ve viewed all avenues…


Curved lockdowns, circuit breakers, full lockdowns or whatever I do hope that when they open again people think before going daft and socializing because it will just happen again, this is a challenge lets all find the determination inside us…


My heart felt thanks as ever to Ronnie who without his guidance and gentle pushing, I would not be able to be the person that I am today it taken a lot to get here, Ronnie you are indeed my ‘Rock’


Karen, as ever thank-you for this site, it saved me in so many, many ways.

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Loobie Lou WOW!!  Congratulations sweetheart. 


It's a privilege to know you and watch your journey as you have, literally, gone over, under or around to reach your goal.  You've done amazingly well and have come so very far, especially with all the hurdles you have faced along the way.  When I first joined BTG I was so very frightened and had not idea what had happened to me or what it meant.  You joined shortly after and it was seeing your determination and bravery that spurred me on too.


You're an amazing woman, with a heart of gold and we're lucky to have you xxx

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Hi Louise... also congratulations and well done 21 years on.


An incredible journey for you and your 'Rock' Ronnie. Coming this far has certainly made you a stronger person with a strong will to succeed.


Truly you have shown great will power to challenge your limits and refuse to accept defeat.


It has been great to share some of these years with you (six since I joined BTG) . Your regular posting of support in the forums and airing your views in the Green Room make you a much valued member of our site.


Take care and hope you both take time today to reflect and celebrate. 



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Congratulations Louise on your 21st SAH Anniversary :) 


When i first joined BTG you were there for me with your kind supporting words, thank you so much, it meant a lot. As Subs has said you are a very much valued part of our BTG family.


Huge respect for all you have achieved along your journey with your 'rock'  Ronnie :) 


Hope you both had a lovely day celebrating.


Take care stay safe

Love Tina xx




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Louise you wonderful warrior and Shunt gal, as Tina said you welcomed me here and you have been a support since. You always offer A steadying hand when people feel worried. Yes you have your rock but you also one of our rocks here too. 


determination ; it’s one redeeming legacy I think of a SAH that we know we can weather new challenge, and find a new way through! 


Sending love x 


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Louise, it's been a pleasure to travel with you on your journey and to look back and see how far you've come in the 14 years that I've known you. 😘 


You've been encouraging, supportive and truthful with the battle you've had and a good friend to me and the members with your compassion and "knowing what it's like" to go through a brain injury...


Know that you're well loved. x



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Congratulations on your 21st anni-versary Louise,

You are an inspiration to so many at BTG, always there with support and compassion, it has been lovely getting to know you over the last 5 years, thank you for always being there with a listening ear and friendly advice.

Sending you lots of love & hugs

Michelle xx

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Louise, congratulations on your anniversary 

You will never know just how much you’ve helped me over the past five years, Always there for me  When I need advice or a hug🤗You are a Star

Jan xx

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