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Hi Everyone,

First off, I apologise for not contributing very much since finding this wonderful site just when I needed it. I've been extremely lucky and should hang around more to support those more unfortunate among us. I am sorry. I hope the next bit will inspire some of you. A big chunk of "getting better" is locked away inside you and sometimes you might need a helpful nudge to unlock it.

I went to see the marvellous Mr Sparrow at Wessex Neuro recently - he made my tiny brain all better at the beginning of last year. The reason he wanted to see me was mainly to explain that he'd thoroughly analysed my latest MRI scan and also looked at my previous MRIs and my 5 sets of angiogram piccies (yes! 5 in as many weeks!) and concluded that the arteries he was slightly concerned about after my clipping no longer gave him any cause for concern. Even showed me exactly which arteries and the before/after shots! They've shrunk back to normal quite nicely and my clip is doing just fine! The best bit.... I don't need another MRI scan. I'm having one on about 3 years time just to be certain sure, but it's not totally necessary (Mr Sparrow's words!)


There's been a nagging old Raven on my shoulder since I had my noodle fixed, telling me the next scan would be bad news. It just flapped off thanks to the wonderful Mr Sparrow, ne'er to be seen again.

I wish you all as much love and luck as you need. I shall try to be good and spread some marvellous vibes to all of you - every little helps: this site helped me get better so it's a debt owed! :)

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