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Juliette - my SAH


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I’m Juliette. Had my SAH on December 15th 2010 – the day before I was supposed to be going away for Christmas! Luckily I had just dropped my 2 young girls (2 & 4) off to childcare & school. I was literally 2 steps from my eldest daughters classroom when the headache hit. As I’m sure you all know, it felt like someone had put a clamp on my brain & was squeezing. This was followed by the sweats & vomiting. Very painful & scary not knowing what was going on. Luckily the people working at the school were fantastic and took me to my drs – they did offer to call an ambulance, but I thought I was having the worst migraine ever!

The Dr put a 999 call through, but the rapid response didn’t turn up for nearly 2.5 hours. The ambulance an hour after that:frown:. Supposedly the Drs is a seen as a safe haven so they don’t rush as much! My Dr called them at least 3 times. In the mean time I was in agony not being given pain relief as the Dr wanted them to see me as I was.

Eventually I got to the 1st hospital and had a CT scan that showed a bleed. Sometime during the night they transferred me to the The Heath in Cardiff where I spent the next week lying flat and having 3 angios to see where the bleed was coming from. Was told there was so much blood they couldn’t see the aneurysm to start with. The neuro Radiologist in Cardiff was off ill then, so was lucky enough the Fantastic medical staff at Frenchay, Bristol were willing to give coiling it a go – aneurysm was small & awkward. Got Helicoptered over, so at least arrived in style!

Unfortunately during the procedure I lost the vision in my right eye, but as my consultant said, 1 life 2 eyes... Initially I was really upset, but got over it and have adapted quite quickly. Can’t really remember what it was like to have proper vision anymore! They let me out Jan 4th this year. Although I was desperate to get home, I was worried going away from the safety of the hospital.

I’m generally an optimistic person, so although I do have my days when the pains in my head scare me and make me worry its going to happen again, I’m not going to let it take over my life. I have 2 beautiful girls & a wonderful husband to keep me occupied!

I would like to say how amazingly talented and fantastic all the staff at the hospitals are. Without them I wouldn’t be here. It’s incredible what they can do now. Eternal gratitude to them!

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Hi Juliette

A warm welcome to BTG its still early days for you and the anxiety you feel is natural it does get better with time. I hope you find the site useful and any questions just ask there is always plenty of people to support you on here. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Juliette and a very warm welcome to BTG.

Another amazing story and yes aren't those staff at the hospitals just brilliant!

Importantly you are here to be Mum for your daughters who will be eternally grateful that you got through this awful event. I have so appreciated being around for my three kids during the past 2 yrs 4 months since my own sah.

There is so much support on this site, which helps with the ups and downs of recovery.

Wishing you all the best,


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Hi Juliette, and lovely to meet you, although shame about the circumstances eh? :lol:

You'll hear this time and time again, but make sure you take care of yourself and don't overdo it. I didn't believe anyone when I was told that, but I'm 13 months post-op and I'm really only just beginning to feel better.... (Like you, I was told there was so much blood they couldn't see the aneurysm, so although they tried to coil, the next day they decided to operate and they found a large aneurysm that is now clipped.)

Anyway, I'm glad you've found us. Take care now x

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Jen is right, the biggest lesson I've learned through this (still learning!) is to let myself heal. To take the time that my body needs - not what I think it needs. There is a big difference between wanting to be better and actually feeling better which is how another member worded it in a different thread this week. So take it easy, rest, find quiet time in your busy life, and heal.

Sandi K. Xox

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Hi Juliette

Welcome to the site. Hope to hear more from you soon.

As others have said, any questions just ask, and try to take it easy as much as you can to let your brain heal. Lots of water and quiet time will help :) If you can get that with little ones around... ;)

Take care

Kel x

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