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anyone still teary/weepy more than before?

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Hello, I am 9 months post bleed and am finding the exhaustion/fatigue difficult to deal with but also I seem to get teary at the slightest of things. When I talk about certain things or people or even on things upsetting on the TV I fill up? Is this normal post SAH, does anyone else suffer with this or could it be related to depression?

Thanks for any replies

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Hi and welcome to BTG!

Many of us are much more emotional postSAH. I cry more often and easily and I'm 7 months now. TV adverts fill me with tears, thoughts of gratitude after yoga fill me up, just about anything can be a reason for tears. I don't feel depressed, I cry from joy as much as sadness. However, depression is a secondary condition from SAH, both my neurologist and GP have advised of that. Perhaps you want to discuss it with your GP just to be sure?

Sandi K.

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Hi and welcome!

It could be related to depression, so you need to get yourself checked out .... but, I was quite emotional for a couple of years posts SAH .... I don't think that the fatigue helps any, but like Sandi, I could cry with happiness, cry with sadness or with sheer frustration at points. It does get better with time, but you're not abnormal with your feelings. xx

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Hi Simplesan,

Welcome to BTG.

Sandi K is right, many of us are much more emotional post SAH. Six years on, I'm still fragile and easily moved to tears, though the fatigue has improved with time.

What sort of OP did you have? I was Coiled but from what I've read on this site Clipping seems to be much more traumatic, not in every case, but generally. No two people are the same but depression seems to affect most people to some extent. The people who matter to you should understand your condition. Ask them to read some of the threads on this site. "Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter"'.

All the best.

Bill B. x

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For the replies I've had already thanks guys. It is good to hear that other people have similar goings on, I had my aneurysm clipped Bill cos they couldn't do the coil. I am back at work full time just and I get very exhausted from my job in a hospital. I think my teariness is a lot from exhaustion and frustration that I get so tired.

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Hi simplesan & welcome to BTG. I was clipped just over 12 months ago but my anni didn't rupture. I find all my emotions much more keenly but only the bad ones (anger & sadness/frustration). I am learning how to keep a hold of it & CBT has helped change my way of thinking. It doesn't work in every case but it some it does. I too find the exhaustion the most frustrating part of life post clipping

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Hi there Simplesan,

Try and think of all the good things in your life...sing, go shopping, or get me some chocs lol...... Just try and be happy and when you feel down think what you have been through...Yet you are alive...yeahhhhhh hooray

We beat the statistics so we are SPECIAL ..Cheer up..Easier said than done I know....

You will be fine if you can try and laugh...... okay SMILE !!!! thats an order

Be Happy


WinB 143 x

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I am actually finding I am much less emotional post SAH. I have got tearful a handful of times since coming out of February and if anything feel a little detached from my feelings right now.

I'm not depressed at all although it is very difficult at times and I am dealing with an ongoing medical problem I've had since birth too. I wonder if my reaction is a way of protecting myself and I am dealing with all that's happened one step at a time.

I guess our brains all worked differently before our SAH's, our SAH's were in different places and so affect us in different ways. There is no right or wrong:-D

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Hello everybody!

You are not alone Simplesan! I believe some emotions we cannot control so just let it out. A month after my SAH, I went for my follow-up and I just started bawling uncontrollably when he asked how I was doing. He looked at me and said I should be happy to be alive. (I wanted to smack him and tell him it`s easy for him to say.) Anyways, he showed me my CT and told me my aneurysm was at the anterior communicating artery and it supplies the part of our brain that controls emotions. Great, I was a cry baby pre-SAH so now I am a lost cause! Lol. Where`s yours? Maybe the location would explain why you`re more weepy than before.

Hope this helps! Be strong!

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Welcome Simplesan

Ive always been quite an emotional person even before my SAH. Im nearly a year on now and have struggled with emotions more than anything. I think a lot of mine is frustration at fogetting things,missing things and genererably not being able to do as much as before. I suppose its only natural to cry and get teary after what we ve been through. But it is easy to slip into depression or anxiety.

take care

Traci S xxx

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Hi there

Yes this seems to be a common thread for most of us. It could be linked to depression if you feel you r depressed.

It used to really annoy me when people/Docs said I was depressed, because I really didn't feel depressed. The Tears/outburts would just arrive and disappear just as quick.

I can't remember how I found out but discovered this does have a grand title it's called Emotional Lability. Info from headway below. This is how I felt and once it was identified that I wasn't losing the plot I was so much happier. Now 4.5 years on Things are massively different. There is no comparison. The Lability will still rear its head when I'm having a bad Fatigue day or I've been completely taken by surprise/overwhelmed. But for me it's always linked to the Fatigue.

Even though i'm currently having a moan about my Fatigue there is no comparison to how I feel now and how I felt it the early days of recovery. So Hang in there.

ps one of the things that really helped was an NHS Homeopathic appointment. They tried me with a couple of things and once sorted I found a huge improvement in the lability. Anything is worth a shot.

Hope this has helped and not confused things. :)


Emotional Lability

This describes a person's tendency to laugh and cry very easily and to move from one emotional state to another very quickly.

Loss of control over emotions means the person has lost the ability to discriminate about when and how to express their feelings. This can be very tiring and embarrassing for family members to deal with, but in time a person can begin to re-learn emotional control

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