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Minan, new member


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Hello there from NYC, USA.

I had two SAH's because of head trauma I suffered from a cycling accident very recently. I am only starting to learn, after my 2nd visit to the neurologist, that my particular symptoms are related to my SAH's and not just post-concussive syndrome. I am so happy to discover this site as it is already answering a lot of my questions about the emotional/interpersonal aspects of recovery that I have found so challenging, and thought was only my particular circumstance.

I have no one very consistent in my life, except myself, to really take care of me. This is difficult, esp as I had someone break up a relationship with me one week after the accident (instigated by my lack of inhibition, I think?).

I am so glad to find this forum. Anyone else here from USA or NYC?

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Hi Minan, welcome to the site! I know what a relief it is to find a site where people are experiencing the same feelings and symptoms as you! It took me a couple of months after my brain bleed before I found BTG and it has been a huge help to me.

There are a few from the States here, one for sure from Florida and another from California. I'm from the other side of the continent, the west coast of Canada.

It must be hard going through this on your own. You were saying you dont have anyone consistently caring for you. Are you getting any outpatient services like counseling or physio?

I'm glad you found us. This is a good place to learn and 'talk' about what you are going through.

Sandi K.

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Hi Minan,

A warm welcome to you. I'm sorry that you had this accident, but glad you have found this site. It must be doubly difficult going through recovery on your own - I think all members on here have been very grateful to have found this site which suddenly answers a lot of those niggling doubts we have about ourselves following a sah.

Like Sandi said, we do have a couple of regular members from the states - one of the wonders of the world wide web!

Best wishes,


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Hi Minan

Warm welcome to the site,

So glad you found us, yes there's a fair few state side and there is a lady in NY tho she dosnt come on the board now I Email her tho.....

hopeing to hear more from you soon.

take care

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Welcome Minan! Sorry to here you've been dealing with things on your own. Glad you're here now, as you'll get lots of help and support.

I live a bit north of Tampa, FL. My partner is from upstate NY (Catskills)-beautiful country!

Hope to hear more from you! We're all here to help one another through caring support, informational links, and in the green room - lots of general chat and comraderie :biggrin:

Hugs to you,


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Hi Minan

Sorry to hear you have suffered 2 SAH and been recovering alone, but I am glad you have now found us here :)

There is always lots of support, advice and guidance to be found as well as laugh-out-loud moments from the banter in the green room! ;)

Hope you don't mind a couple of questions;

Would I be right in assuming you had non-aneurysm SAH?

When did each epis0de happen?

Hope to hear more from you soon

Take care

Kel x

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...for the greetings, all :) Never did I imagine I could possibly bond with a group of people over such a thing as this!

I mentioned that I am alone. I do go to counseling and PT (physio) so I am getting help. My very busy NYC friends take time, when they can, and I am glad to have built a wide network so that while there is no one daily, like a husband, boyfriend, child, etc. - I have managed somehow.

KelBel - yes, they were non-aneurysm SAH's. They about at the same time during my trauma, on either side of the brain (parietel), and this happened recently, in May. I am fatigued, and still have memory issues, but I have encouragement from my doctors, as my SAH's were "small"- not sure in comparison to what...

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Hi Minan and a warm welcome to Behind the Gray! :-D

I'm 6 years post SAH and I've experienced recovery for most of those years, even though I'm beginning to hit a plateau now (I had a "warning/sentinel bleed at 38 and another SAH (aneurysm coiled at 42), so never give up hope as life really does get better with time! :-D xx

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Hi Minan.

Tough thing to go through alone.

You seem to have some good friends though, this is good.

Cyber- friends can help too, they certainly have with me.

I have a friend, who watches on the fringes of BTG, who had a similar injury to you.

I met him on the ward during my last coiling episode. (you know who you are!)

I hope your entrance onto this site will draw in other, non- aneurysm, survivors to the support network that is such a source of strength for most of us.

Your not alone now Minan.

We're all over the planet!

All the best.

Bill B. x

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