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I went upstairs

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Hi all,

After being told I would not walk again by PT's, I have been walking in shopping centres etc pushing wheel chair..trying to prove them wrong.

Still not made it to M & S yet !! back hurts real bad.......... but wait for it !!!!!!!

I climbed my stairs!!!!.......ok used my hands near top but I made it to my bedroom...the state of it !!!!! lol....never moved so quick back down lol.. I looked like my Sarah when she was young climbing stairs .... Hubby has now done bedroom up,. well okay got rid of cobwebs....and changed the sheets bless him, it was done by myself in 2009 just before my SAH ....lol

He said, " I have not been in there without you" ahh Bless Him x... ...Good liar he is lol

My daughter said he slept on settee in case he got call from hospital.....ahhhh again..Sounds like a panto

Just want to say to You All ....................Never give up

Sharing this with you and thinking how much I love. him...until next cross words we have. ha ha


WinB143 xx

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We have to smile don't we Sarah xx

Hope you are Keeping Well ,,..did you go to the meeting in Nottingham?

Sorry I am laughing......watching athletics on tv and the commentator said how much experience the British discus thrower has

gained...What's she talking about...... he came last lol ......Well he cannot go any lower can he ? ahhhhh shame though


WinB143 xx

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Oh bless you Win.

I'm not back at work, not for a couple of months yet.

I hope you're very proud of yourself with managing to get up those stairs. I remember crawling up our stairs in the early days of recovery. It was hard work but I was determined to do it by myself, very tiring to do, mentally and physically.

I admire your strength and positive attitude to life.

I hope that you get to climb those stairs again soon.

Take care,

SarahLou Xx

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Hooray Win! Well done!!!

I guess one of the "gifts" of SAH is the opportunity to appreciate things we used to take for granted.

What a wonderful thing to be able to climb the stairs! You must be chuffed! (don't know if you have that saying over there? It's a good thing)

Keep smiling and singing.


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Congratulations Win - what a tremendous effort and achievement!

Now if the going gets tough climbing the stairs again you can always rest and sing one of your ditties

or maybe a Christopher Robin poem:

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where i sit.

There isn't any other stair quite like it.

I'm not at the bottom, I'm not at the top;

So this is the stair where I always stop. (thanks A.A. Milne)

Thanks for sharing your courage and funnies.


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Sandi, Jan and Mom, Lou Lou , Sami, Riane, Jess Lou Lou , Tracy, Carolyn last but not least .....Goldy, yeahhhh

Thanks for replies....as you said onwards and upwards ....Thank you all for Your encouragement

It really keeps me going. ...and never giving up.....between us all we can beat this SAH thingy ..lol

Daft Moo here singing soon be tap dancing !!! calm it Win ......

Luv ya all xx

WinB143 xxx


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