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Online Research - help needed!!

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I am a trainee clinical psychologist from Lancaster University and I am sending out a big plea for help for this research study! We are looking for individuals who have had a subarachnoid haemorrhage in the last 5 years to complete our survey online. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and any help is greatly appreciated! We are struggling for numbers so any help would be great! The study is looking at your responses to the subarachnoid haemorrhage and we are hoping to help improve psychological research and therapy in this area. The study has been approved by Lancaster University’s Ethics Committee. If you have any questions or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The link to the study is here:


More information about the study can be found here:


Thank you for taking the time to read this post - it has been approved by Karen Hyder. :-D

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Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in this study - whether you have completed the study or not! The response has been great, but we still need more, so if anyone else fancies it please take a look.

I thought I'd just respond to the comments about it bringing back some memories. The questionnaires are not meant to cause upset, although inevitably they will trigger memories, and perhaps related emotions. I hope these have not been distressing for those who have completed it? If you would perhaps like to contact me to discuss it then by all means do so - my contact details on are the link above (the one for more info) - my first name is Ian and I am happy to discuss things with anyone. Alternatively, there are details on this link for other options to discuss things with other people.

Thank you again for completing it - every person that completes it counts and contributes to this research. I can't really thank you enough for taking part!

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I have completed your survey and found it did not bring back memories for me. I really don't remember much about that time at all though. I hope that by answering the questions which differentiate ( oops... spelling?) between early aftermath and 2 years later will help to show how ( in my opinion) others absentmindedly expect we should have made a full recovery and be totally regular( hate the word normal) people again. That did make me more aware of how much people need educating about this kind of stuff. ( including those who suffer from it) Hope it's been a helpful contribution anyway.


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I am trying to complete this survey, however, when I click on the link, I immediately get signposted to a page which ‘thanks me for completing the survey’ and inviting me to buy some products so that I can complete my own survey (??!!!)

I fully accept that I am doing something wrong, but because I possess a near to empty skills set where IT is concerned, I cannot work it out!!!

Would someone be kind enough to provide me with another link to the survey, as I seem to have exhausted the two links which Ian has been kind enough to provide in his first post!!!

It would be very convenient if I could blame this confusion on the SAH, but it would be wrong to do so. This kind of behaviour was also present in my pre brain injury self… (!)


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I just wanted to thank everyone again who has expressed an interest in our study and to those who have completed it. Every single response is valuable. Due to the fantastic response we are very near our target...so if anyone knows anyone else who may wish to complete it then please let them know!

Thank you all again!!!

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I did the questionairre..BUT !!!! ...I cannot remember the 1st year as I was out of it......until shunt was fitted sorry if my answers do not make much sense....so when it said how much support etc I put not much..lol as I could not remember until shunt was fitted



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Thank you to everyone who has taken part - the response from this site alone has been amazing, and because of it we are very close to having enough participants. The results are looking very promising at the moment, so thank you to each and every one of you.

Just to let you know, if you want a summary of the results from the study, once we finish it, if you message me i can sort this out for you.

We are still recruiting, so if you think anyone you know would be interested, please pass this info on! Thank you everyone! :-D

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