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how do you cope?


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Oh Tulip, it just wasn't his time then and maybe now it is at least a peaceful goodbye and you have all that little bit of time to say the things you want to say. So very hard and so very sad. Thinking of you all and in my prayers. Hope you're getting lots of hugs.

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My Dad died this morning at 11am.

The nurse who was with him said he went quickly and peacefully. He died just before we got there.

He fought so bravely, before and after the haemorrhage. I am so proud of him. Just glad he is at peace.

One of his best friends have agreed to scatter his ashes on the top of the Cumbrian Dell's, where he was at his happiest.

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Words are inadequate at such times, I do not know what to say to you xx

Smile everytime you think of Him if possible xx

Good luck Tulip and chin up xx You are your Dads daughter. xx

Love to you and family xx

WinB143 xx

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hi sweetheart

very sorry to hear the sad news my thoughts are with you and the family at this time another angel keeping an eye on those he loves think happy thoughts and the good times you had together don't be too sad think happy times we are here for you should you wish to let it all out you sound so proud of dad and rightly so hugs and cuddles sweetheart memories laughter and giggles will never leave you xx

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