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Scared about my next op

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There are members on here who have metal plates and as far as I recall they have had no problems at all.

Chin up, you will be fine although any surgery can be daunting so I can understand your apprehension, keep positive about it

Soonest done, soonest over.

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Natural to be scared Aandrea, we wouldn't be human if we had no fear.


Some on here had other ops and have come through it okay .. Glad I was in cuckoo land when I had shunt op xx


Try not to stress but you will xxxxx  If you need a song let me know   ha ha xxxx


Good  luck

Win xxxxxxxx

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Andrea, I really feel for you, it's not nice being so worried about something.  I've not had a plate fitted, but I remember well how worried, apprehensive and scared I was when I had to have another coiling procedure.  The procedure was cancelled twice at the last minute which just prolonged the anxiety.  Whilst these procedures are new to us, they are done on a regular basis by the surgeons and their teams and their skills and knowledge really are the best. Therefore we should be able to put our trust in them without fear, but in reality it is our brains they are dealing with and therefore there is bound to be some apprehension.  


Try and focus on the relief you will feel when it's all over - that time will come and focussing on that may help take your mind off the operation itself.


Sorry I can't offer anything more comforting for you but you will get through it and then you will be so proud of yourself.




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Hi Andrea , sorry I missed this so I hope your cold has improved and you are recovering from that now.


I had to have a second operation post my SAh , not to have a plate like you but to have a shunt put in so I know some of what you are feeling.


They will really look after you in the hospital and the pre and post operative is very attentive at least it was for me but if you are worried when you are there then tell them, ask for someone to hold you hand as they do the meds, don't be shy.


Its hard facing any operation and especially when you still feel unwell as we do post SAH but remember this is being done in a non emergency situation which is much better and the outcome is that it should improve life for you. So it's ok to be scared but focus on what the benefit of having the operation is. 


Also I had a friend who had a craniotomy and she had to wait before she had the plate replaced as well and she was said she saw it as a gateway to being able to wash her hair properly so hopefully that's the same for you too once everything has healed well. 


Good luck. 


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Don't know if you have to wear a helmet. I did after my craniotomy, but that's gone when you're put back together. I didn't have a plate, they froze my skull for four months then put it back together with metal plates. Going back in the hospital is always scary, but they know what they are doing. 

Take care!?

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Aandrea, calm down please although I know that is not easy. You don't want it cancelled again but it will be if you make yourself ill.

Try and distract yourself by making yourself as busy as you can possibly manage 

After all you have been through previously it is nothing.


Listen to other members who have had the same procedure.


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