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Nine Years who-hoo


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November 1 marked the nine year mark for me!  I meant to post that day, but between newish responsibilities at work and a newish wild and crazy dog that gets me up way too early for walking, I have a hard time keeping my eyes open at night.  I got to celebrate the day with a 4 hour conference call in the morning and a 1.5 hour meeting in the afternoon, which I had to spend an hour driving to and from!  So I guess you can see I've recovered fairly well.


Even so, I still find great comfort in the posts that remind me my lingering sensations and memory issues aren't just my imagination. While I dont post as often I inwardly celebrate all your victories large and small and sympathize and pray over set- backs and hardships.  I am very thankful to have this family to come to.


Much love to you all, Colleen

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Congratulations Colleen


So very pleased to hear you're doing so well - it always brings a smile to my face when I read of other's recoveries and their ongoing stories.


And I agree, this is a fantastic family to be part of x

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Hi Colleen ... and also a big well done.  Great to hear you sound so positive 9 years on.   Many thanks for keeping in touch with BTG... over the years.


Our advice to everyone in the early days is to take things slowly .... well... now you certainly sound as if you are enjoying life in a much faster lane.  :)


Take care and wishing you well in the years ahead.




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Nice to see you call in Colleen - congratulations on reaching this landmark with all the hard and busy work that comes with it.  As you know I will be reaching the 9 year mark too - exactly 1 week after you. Despite the vast difference in miles between us, I'm sure we will have travelled a similar path to get where we are now - busy and I too shall be spending part of my annie-versary in a meeting lol.


Perhaps we need more rest in our lives Colleen ...........or is that just wishful thinking:-D


Take care,


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