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15 Years Tomorrow 4th February

Super Mario

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It is15 years tomorrow since my life was changed.

In fact it is so long ago now I tend to forget the date of the event, I have to look it up. So far back, the date has almost disappeared from my memory.


Looking on the positive, my life has changed for the better once I recovered the best I could.

No point in looking at the negatives, you can't change what has happened.

Grasp what you have with both hands and move forward the best you can under the circumstances. May take ages just to make a little progress but determination will help.


There is a future after SAH, maybe not the future that was planned but a different future. In my case I feel that my life now is much better than I envisaged pre SAH

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SM …. well done 15 years on.  Your pragmatic approach has definitely been the right way forward for you.

When they dished out determination and grit you definitely received a large portion.


You are an inspiration in so many ways, and your health issues have certainly not curtailed your insatiable desire for `another holiday in the sun` ! :)

I just hope Brexit doesn`t cramp your style ….. take heed...Messrs Tusk, Jonker and Barnier  :biggrin:





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Congratulations Super Mario,


Wow, 15 years well done and can I just say what an inspirational lady you are,


You give us all hope that you can still have a good life after SAH, as you say " just in a different way "


Keep on enjoying your lovely holidays and enjoying life & thank you for all the support you have given to me and so many others.


Hope you have a lovely day.


Michelle xx 

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Congratulations Super Mario...I am repeating but truthfully you are such an inspiration...15 years...wow, makes me more hopeful...You were one of the people writing me when I first came...I feel like I fell into the arms of all those that reached out to me.  I send you best wishes for good health and happiness, ..



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Thank you all.


On the very same day a friend of mine was in theatre for a mastectomy due to cancer. She is still well. There is no comparison as to living with the permanent fear of the big C returning in any shape or form. Apart from that she has an incurable liver disease that will need a transplant in the future.

To my way of thinking, I am the fortunate one. 

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