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3 years post SAH today!!


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I cannot believe I have got to this point... It seems like it has flown by now, but at the time it felt like it was going so s-l-o-w-l-y...

To think I started off barely being able to shower and get dressed again in a day, and now I am at work full time, and at the gym 3 times a week usually for 1 or 2 hours at a time! ;) (although not this week as I have been full of a cold! :/ )

I was back at work 11 weeks post SAH doing a phased return over 2 weeks (yep 2 whole weeks for a phased return...?! I guess they didn't quite understand the concept of brain injury), which turned out to be a little too early but I stuck with it, even though I had some major issues with a colleague and my manager wasn't too understanding either at that time. But I got through it and I think I am much stronger for it all. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?!

I was having yearly MRi's, but after my MRi in january this year I was informed that I do not need a follow-up until Dec 2014!!

I do occasionally hit a wall of fatigue, possibly because I try to do so much all the time.. And I actually hit a wall at 6pm tonight whilst walking round Asda doing food shopping after work! That place gets me nearly every time. I think it is the combination of a full days work, then they have a radio on in there, plus all the people, the chatter, the checkout noise, the lights... Etc etc, it all adds up and tires me out!

The light and noise sensitivity has got so much better over time, but too much noise and too much bright lights can overwhelm me still.

I thought I would just add a little update seeing as I am quite often missing in action lately ;)

And I thought I would just add a huge thank you to Karen and all BTGers who made my recovery so much easier than it would have been had I not found you all after coming out of hospital. When I felt so alone, and no one else around me could understand, I had all you guys and gals here to help understand what had happened to me and why I felt the way I did. You made the hell that was recovery so much easier to work through! :thumbs up: ;)

Thank you! Xxx

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Thanks everyone! :D

No celebrations I'm afraid :( no-one around me seems to want to hear about it now! I need to forget about it and move on! (where have I heard that before...).

Perhaps I will buy myself a little something ;)

Oh well, I am off to my xmas do this Friday (where it all originally started on 11/12/09) and this will be the first year since it all happened that I will be having a drink ;) I have spent the past 2 years having water all night!! :lol:


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Hi Kel,

Having joined this forum at the same time as you, I feel as if we were brought up together;-) Even in those early days, your posts were always cheerful, witty and positive and it's great to read this latest thread.

I hope your cold disappears soon and you have a super evening on Friday - you deserve it:-D

Best wishes,


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That's true Louise, I certainly don't think about it quite as much, but I don't think people realise how big a thing it is to have happened in your life. To most of us it is life changing in some way or in major ways. I think we just have to learn to deal with who we are now and focus on what we can do.

Michelle - I will try to enjoy Friday to the max! ;) we've already booked a cab for 1am... When the disco ends apparently?! :shock::lol:

Thanks sarah, this is a great group of like-minded/brain(ed) people ;)

Sorry I have not replied to all personally, I do appreciate all your comments x

Love to all

Kel x

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