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Poppy's back on track

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Hi folks,

Well I made it!.

4 hour op on Wednesday morning, additional coiling and a stent placed. It all went remarkably well.

Didn't sleep on the Tuesday. Doc came and explained the plan, also covered the risks involved which in an attempt to bury my head in the sand I previously didn't want to know. I forgot his name and asked him " I'm sorry doctor, short term memory and all that, what was your name?" DR Downer he replied. I thought, yep that sounds about right lol. Such a lovely man, we had a very positive chat then I had a big fat greet when he left lol.
No time to dwell though, a constant traffic of such lovely nurses, docs and anesthetist as well.

Had a pre-med in the morning and off we went at 8.30. I have to say whatever was in the premed was lovely happy stuff. Had a wee singsong to myself on the way through the corridors! Back on the HD ward around 2ish. In a fair bit of pain that evening and throughout the night. anurysm is behind the right optical nerve, however. I had recovered somewhat mid morning and was discharged early afternoon, which was a surprise but went straight home and slept round the clock anyway.

Co ordinations a wee bit off and headaches to contend with which was expected. All in all a good job done and I can't thank the staff at edinburgh western general enough for their attentive care. A very large box of crispy cremes donuts on their way!

I wanted to share my experience with anyone reading this who is about to face surgery, I hope it helps and if I can help further just let me know.

And thank you all for your messages of support. I can't tell you how much it has helped. I would say night night I'm off to bed, but I've hardly been out the thing since Thursday lol.

Di (poppy)

Sah January 2014

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Hi Di (Poppy) :)

Thank you so much for posting and sharing your experience. It will be a great help and comfort to many facing surgery.

So pleased all went well for you and you are home recovering. Can't believe how quickly you were sent home!

Hope your headaches and coordination will improve very soon. Lots of rest for you and as we always say drink lots of water ;)

Take care and let us know how you are doing xx

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Hi folks,

Thank you all for your kind words and best wishes..

It's been a week now and I have virtually slept around the clock. Making up for all those sleepless nights no doubt. But well rested.

Cabin fever is setting in now though lol. Lots of fluids yes and lots of visits to the bathroom as well!

Headaches not so bad but then I've been asleep most of the time. Do you think that's my brain saying "right! We will shut her down for a wee while to stop her getting any ideas" lol.

I feel nauseous most days which doc has put down to the blood thinning meds, yuk. I couldn't even face my daily fruit. Hopefully that will improve. But I feel so much better tonight. Poor jade, my 11 year old weimeraner might get a wee walk tomorrow. She knows her mum's not been well bless.

Karen - I am sorry to hear that you may have to have more surgery, hey ho, we are survivors, each and every one of us. You are in my thoughts.

Louise - I emailed you....

Well it's nearly 11pm and I'm not in the least bit tired, mind you, I slept 10 hours last night, up at 9 this morning and napped for 3 hours this afternoon. I'd have a cheek to say I'm tired lol. But that's been the daily pattern this past week, and I've not pushed the boundaries, yet, lol.

Night all,

Speak soon.


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you'll find that your body is a very shrewd and astute thing.  It knows all by itself when you need to shut down for a while and it doesn't mess about when it's telling you.  Mine still does it now and I've learned to listen to it or suffer the consequences!!

Take your time, the world will still be here tomorrow!

Take care (and of your Weimaraner -hope I spelled that correctly)


Another sleepy head after nearly four years,


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