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New Member living with SAH - By subzero


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Hi Carolynusa

Thanks for your post It's good to be able to smile about something so life changing and serious. Glad you are doing fine We are attending a Robert Burns lunch tomorrow at noon. Have you sampled Haggis and Neeps and Tatties!!!! ?

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It sure is.  Without some of that humor we would have much less in life.  I knew who Robert Burns was but nothing about the lunch so I looked it up.  Oh my goodness.  Haggis, Neeps and Tatties?  No....but I am making tacos tomorrow.  lol  Have a great lunch tomorrow.  Both of you take care.

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Thanks Louise-


We enjoyed our Burns Lunch today- Sixty four people attended and the entertainment was very good. A piper, Violinist, Doric Poetry reader and some Scottish community singing- Great fun and the Haggis was good too-


Take care and wishing you and your family well-

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I wanted to wait until you had told your story Sub. Hard to shut my mouth for so long lol  x


I do hope this helps as we have all been through it one way or another.


Glad you are both here xx


Smile, sing and when better we can all do a dance.


Carers seem to get overlooked that's why I mentioned this site to you xx


Have a good weekend both.


Love to All on BTG xx (Where's my haggis ?)


Winb143 xx xx

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Hello Winnie

Great to hear from you.

Yes I have learned so much from the varied experiences expressed on this site.

Very cold up here in Scotland.

If I find myself in the English Riviera near you I promise to bring along a Haggis

Take care and thanks for all your positive vibes

Keep singing!

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I`ve found it interesting to note that many SAH members on this Forum had their coiling done often on the day after their SAH. . My wife had her coiling done almost three and a half weeks after-

Hi, I think that it also probably depends on how poorly the patient is before they carry out the operation as would imagine that they would want to make sure that the patient is in a stable condition and strong enough to physically cope, rather than put them at risk. x

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Went in Wednesday Sept 1, 2010 - coiling done Friday - six hours on the table - still recovering some four and a half years later but now much much better than I was.


It's been a long road and the people on this site have stayed with me every step of the way, giving me the support I needed after the treatment.  People that truly understand can make one heck of a difference.


Thank you one and all - and I really mean that.



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You are a nice guy Macca,


When I was in hospital I had to wait for a nurse to come in ambulance with me (I was told)

She was upstairs, chatting and having a coffee, when the Doctor saw me and my hubby

(still waiting,  me on trolley unconscious and hubby as white as a sheet, worried).


He went and got the nurse himself.  This is a hospital which has recently been in the news.


But we have good nurses just a few make it bad for the good nurses.


Rant over xx

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Just a little info re my post of 15th January when I mentioned that my wife had no SAH follow-up scans since her discharge from hospital over 3 and 1/2 years ago. She has been told that a MRI scan is being scheduled asap.


She is still doing her two days a week AND wait for it- going back for a third day this week to help with the back-log,!!  Yes Carolyn I`m pulling my hair out!!! What are you women like!!


Not looking forward to the next three months election campaign Louise!!!  Think I will lock myself in the garage!

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I sit here tonight with a bit of emotion.


Those of you who have followed our journey on this thread will remember how it is 3 years 11 months since my wife was admitted to hospital and her health had caved in!


Three and a half years on with the help of my `On Line` friend Winnie I found this site at a time when the stresses of being a Carer and coping with the tensions of my wife`s recovery were taking its toll- and although she had made a great recovery-I was somehow clouded by thinking of a future so different to the life we once knew.


You will recall that I was also finding it hard to deal with her confrontational attitude so different to the wife I had known.


Our journey has shown how important it is to give time a chance in the healing process-and have patience in every aspect of our lives.


Tonight as we sat eating our meal in front of the six o`clock news (after my wife had finished her second full day at work)  she turned to me and said----`I feel I am able to control my feelings a lot better now and I don`t rush to make comments I might regret` And this is indeed the case. In the past few weeks I have seen a big change in here self control.


It`s early days yet but you` guys and dolls` out there have been so supportive since Winnie pointed me in the direction of BTG and I just wanted to let you know that just as you all say-  it`s a long journey and everyone is different-but time does heal


My message is whatever distance you are along your journey- continue to have faith in the future and feed from the people on this site who share their valuable experiences. 


In addition to her SA , I am pleased to tell you that she is also at a milestone with her other illness-the Wegeners- and next week her steroid dosage is reducing to 1mg for six weeks and if no adverse reaction she will be steroid free! But we hold our breath on this one.


She had a slight INR spike with her Warfarin three weeks ago but this also is stabilizing and a test on Friday will tell us if this is the case.


So never give up all of you out there and keep supporting each other!

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