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2 year anniversary

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Today is my two year anniversary...how time flies! I was just about to get up to make a cuppa tea but told my hubby he had to do it as that's what I was doing when I had my SAH. Always pays to be careful!


Plus today my GP phoned to say my 2-year scan showed no changes from last year.....YAY!

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Also a well done two years on post SAH.


Great that there is no change in your latest scan result.  Hope you enjoyed that cuppa from hubby.


Wishing you continuing progress in the months ahead and many thanks for your contributions on BTG.




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Many thanks for all the kind messages. Been a strange day compared to last year - it's been full of "at this time I was leaving you to get on the plane to the hospital...." "This was when I phoned you to say...." etc. Feels like a lifetime ago and a lot has happened since. I know I've been hugely fortunate in my recovery and for that I'm very grateful. And grateful for BTG too. Regardless of where we are in our new journey, this site is a wonderful safe haven for us and the support and kind words from people we'll probably never meet in person is just priceless. Reading your stories of recovery, perseverance and hope have been a real comfort and strength to me (and I'll admit, some have been the bringer of a few tears too!).


I seem to have taken it on as my new task to make sure anyone I ever hear about having a SAH or brain injury know about this site! Not sure if they've ever been on the site but I've contacted three complete strangers in the last couple of months who mentioned in passing on Twitter that they'd had an SAH. ;)  I wish everyone in our position was aware of this site and the support it offers.



Andrea x

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Got to agree with you Andrea,  I was thinking of my life expectancy before I came on here in 2010.


I came on here all worried and spoke to others who had bad times and could laugh and many the time I have come on here and left laughing.


Love and thanks to All as you pulled me from a singing hypochondriac to as normal as I'll ever be ha ha  xxxx still singing though xxxx



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