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One Year On Today

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I have very mixed feelings today, sad and grateful for this day even though it's Friday 13th. It's exactly 1 year ago I had my SAH.

I am grateful that I survived but also there is sadness in me too, I cannot explain it to anyone. I know every recovery is different and we all lead different lives and SAH effects us all in different ways too, as some of you might of mentioned in other posts we are all clever by saying that "everything is fine and I am ok" but that is not always the case.

I don't talk to my family about how I feel because I don't want them to think that I have SAH on my mind 24/7which I don't but the effects of SAH have left its mark on me. I know some of you have done really well and when I read the progress you have made I feel hopeful that maybe I too can get better even more but at the moment I am still struggling and frustrations are still with me because I really can't do certain things anymore, however, I am still going to stay positive and carry on.

I would like to thank all members of BTG who have supported me during this year, this website has helped me so much and the most important thing for me is that I have made caring and loving friends.

God bless

Myra xx

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Hi Myra :D

This is a very special day for you......you will have many mixed feelings....i know i did. Also a few weeks before....was very emotional and tearful.

Myra....you are doing so well....i know it has been hard for you......but is still early days....as Karen would say...'dont be so hard on yourself'........very wise words!

Myra ...i hope you can celebrate and have a lovely day.......lots of love and hugs to you, my friend :D:D

God bless you xx

Love Tina xx

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Hi Myra


I know just what a mixed feeling it is all the emotions are jumping.

You are too hard on yourself I found that too if I'm honest but it takes a long time to recover from this, I think I didnt really notice anything huge till after my 3rd.....we all take different routes I think....and ofcourse the SAH has left a mark on you, yoiur life its such a massive thing to have happened in your life.

But as I say you should talk to your family about it I didnt really & SO regret that now.

Have a lovely day Myra


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Myra, have the happiest anniversary that you can, that is the worst one over for you ( at least judging from what others say I can't tell yet I have a week to go for my year), but I can agree that this first year is a 'toughie'. I suggest you look back at your progress, which I can certainly see that you have made, you are a different person now, from the Myra who first posted on here! Just hang onto that thought as I can see it's true :):) Good luck for the next year, I think it is an easier road :!:

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Guest Shiree

Happy 1st annie-versary luv!!!! It is a huge milestone, and just look at how far you have come :D

Sending all my luv and cuddles your way

Shiree xox

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Hi Myra,

Happy 1st Year anni-versary

I hope you had a lovely day, your'e such a lovely person, things will get better, promise.

I wish i could HOP SKIP AND JUMP over to London to give you a big cuddle :D

Anytime you want to talk please do!

Sending love and hugs always

Love luck and laughter


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Hey Myra

I'm late too - not been on the board this weekend.

I agree with everything the others have said. You're with you 24/7 so it's hard for you to guage how well you've come on in this first year - but believe us, you have and it will only get better. The hardest year is out of the way now.

Take care hun and happy anniversary - or second birthday as Jan and I like to call it :lol:


Love Sami xxxx

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