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6 years today.

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Hi Everyone,


Well here I am 6 years since my bleed, can't believe how quickly this time has passed.


I think I am doing ok, still noticing small improvements, although I still have a lot of problems with fatigue and my memory I am still learning my limitations, still sometimes pushing myself beyond them and paying the price for doing so, I think we all do that sometimes.


The last 12 months have been good and bad, the good being we bought a nice new caravan and had a very large new deck put on it, it's lovely, it really is my sanctuary and having it has helped so much with my recovery, I always feel so relaxed when I am there, no stress in lovely surroundings is really great medicine.


The other good thing in the last 12 months was seeing Jan achieve her goal of getting on an aeroplane again, I was over the moon for her, I am aiming to do the very same for my 60th birthday 2023, I know that sounds a long way off but I want to try to save enough to spend 1 month in Lanzarote my favourite holiday destination, so that's the thinking behind it.


I also finally got to meet Andrea when I made and delivered her daughter's 18th birthday cake, she really is a lovely lady and it was nice to put a face to the voice after spending so much time talking on the phone to each other. 


The worst thing to happen was the loss of our very precious friend Win, it really knocked me sideways when I read Sarah's post to tell us that her lovely mum had passed away so suddenly, still struggling to come to terms with it. She always made me smile and laugh out loud with her posts and her singing, she also used to tell me off for talking about the cakes I had made, I would have loved to have made a cake for Win, she will always have a special place in my heart.💔


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at BTG for always being there, no matter what happens I know I have a place to come where I feel safe and won't be judged.


Thank you so much to Karen for giving us all a place where we can feel safe and understood.


Anyway here's to the next 12 months, who knows what it will bring.


Thanks again everyone


Michelle xx 


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Hi Michelle and congratulations on your 6th year anni-versary! x


It's been lovely to hear your news and meeting up with Andrea, delivering cake! Also to hear of your future plans! 


It sounds as though you have a lovely spot to retreat to and take time out.


I've found that recovery keeps going and I'm in a much better place than I was, this time last year ... I had my last SAH in 2005. Keep on doing what you're doing! 


Lots of love xx

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Michelle also congratulations six years on.


You certainly have packed a lot into the past year. Well done for taking the time to give support to Andrea and Jan. They will certainly have appreciated it.


Now it's getting that comfortable new car ...


Many thanks for sharing with us along the way and hope the caravaning weather is kind to you over the summer months.





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Congratulations on your 6 years.


I swore I would never get on a plane again then I moved to another country and made myself. It's a very short flight but I am determined to live and travel. I am sure you will do the same. A month in Lanzarote sounds lovely.

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Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on 6 years.  I love that you have a special trip planned, feels good to have something wonderful to look forward to.  Take care :)

xx Jean    Oh...I had to look up where Lanzarote was,,,gee I need to travel more...looks beautiful


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Congratulations on your 6 years Michelle, I'm a few month behind you but understand when you say you can still see small improvements.


Lovely that you have got to meet Jan and Andrea - lucky them enjoying your cakes.


Hope you get to Lanzarote in 2023.


Clare xx

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Congratulations Michelle on your 6th year anni-versary :) 


Great to hear your news and exciting plans for your 60th. You are a lovely lady and have been there for Jan Andrea and all of us, thank you xx


Hope your 7th year is a good one in every way xx


Lots of love Tina xx 

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Michelle congrats on your 6year mark, I was still improving at that stage so onward and forward honey..

I hope you manage your goal in 2023 something to stride towards, and if I can go to Spain then anyone can that's what I say...

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