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21 years ago today 7/9/2002


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Morning 🌅 all xxx


Cannot believe 21 years have gone since the day of my bleed it feels like a lifetime ago but occasionally can feel like only yesterday xxx


I still get bad days but they aren't as often. I have done alot in 21 years but the two things I am most proud of are my two boys 19 and 15 (16 in a few days) xxx


Life does go on after it you get a choice to either live it or live in the past. I chose the past for quite a while after it caused me to live with fear and worry over it happening again which is horrible, then I had the fear of not seeing my children grow up (it will come back again no doubt when my first grandchild arrives) but I will get through it like I always have xxx


In 2020 I found out I had 3 more aneurysms but it was also the year we found out my mom 👩 had cancer. I decided to live the rest of my life worry free from that point on as I had always hidden away to cry on bad days didn't want my children to remember me crying and frightened wanted them to have Happy memories of holidays days out me smiling 


I haven't cried about my health since my mom died in April 2021and I am living my best life now working full-time, my eldest lives at a castle (he got a job there working with kids) only for a year until uni (he says I'm not so sure he'll want to leave) but whatever makes him happy as I know (we know) how suddenly life can be over so I just want my children to be happy xxx


Enough about me thanks to everyone on btg for sharing their good and bad times as it all helped me through I will always be glad I found this group and hopefully I shall be here for a few more years to offer support and advice xxx



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Many congratulations Jess on your 21st SAH Anniversary! 🥂 


You've done wonderfully well raising your two boys and should be very proud of all you've achieved.


Thank you for all your help, support and wise words that you offer on BTG.


Enjoy your special day. xx

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Congrats Jess xx


You've come so far and have been a fantastic help to all on here!! You're an inspiration for what determination can achieve xxx


I can remember the Notts meet when your youngest was just a toddler!!!


You're a star xx

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Hello Jess and a big WELL DONE twenty one years on.

Thanks for sharing.


So many challenges during that time and you are an inspiration to others with your determination to fight for your health and for your special family unit. 


Great to see how well your lads have supported you as they too have faced their challenges of growing up into 'young men'.

Your are right to be so proud of them.





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