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Patient Empowerment Speech

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Nessie, I am in awe, truly I am! I think your amazing to stand infront of all those people and tell your story with such courage and humility!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out for all of us who are in recovery.

I wish you all the luck in the world for your recovery.

Maggie xxx

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That made me cry too - in a good way.

You nailed it and well done you on standing up in front of so many. I just posted it on my facebook, maybe some of my friends will be able to get it a bit more with your help :-D

Thank you!

PS You look amazing!

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Nessie, your speech brought tears to my eyes and your courage is incredibly inspirational. To think you went from your bubble to stage and received a standing ovation. Sharing your story in public helps us all by bringing forth awareness. You were graceful on stage even though it must have taken all your courage and energy to be up there speaking for that length of time.

Be proud, it's an amazing accomplishment.

Sandi K. Xoxoxo

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Thank you all for your compliments. I receive them gracefully I hope.

It was a very exciting day, and the aftermath was not as big as I thought it would be.

Getting back on my feet again, although I think I have 2 days of tears ahead of me now.. :)

I received a massive amount of reactions, and am lost in all of that. So i'll put it aside for now.

Aside from remembering my speech (which was the hardest part) the noise and light were suppressed with extra medication.

I was nervous, but not tooo much.. I believe the part in my brain that worries what people think has sustained some serious damage! LOL

When I went to the rehab center today they had already seen it and received me with a silent applause. And that was heartwarming too. (they hope they might get a decent internet access now and will show it to their bosses).

For now: lot's of sleep and trying to get things back to normal.

And once more: thank you!!!

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Nessie, put your feet up and rest for a while and the applause you received was so well deserved .... whether it be silent or otherwise! I'm not sure how you remembered your speech, as I would struggle at nearly 6 years on.

I've shown your speech to both my Husband and my Daughter Lauren .... they were both very moved by it. Have a good weekend....:-D xx

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Anya and I shared your speech with Peter when he came home from work and he also teared up and slipped away to the 'loo' for some Kleenex. We are so very proud of you Nessie!!!

It's ok to have rest and tears now. It's all part of healing isn't it. You have done a great thing and this shows that positive things will come from your SAH. You will make it that way.

Sandi K. Xoxox

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Wow I am so proud of you! What a wonderful speech. It made me cry. Today I noticed something I do to help me fit in with all those busy people in stores and such. When I just can't keep up, I hold my head a bit higher like I am observing things or thinking. And smile. It is totally my coping mech but it relates to your snail analogy.

And how did you get into this? My goal in life is to be a motivational speaker. I want to share my story. Our stories.


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Congratulations Nessie!

You did brilliantly to stand up in front of all those people and keep it together and explain your story so clearly.

Like Karen, my memory would have let me down. I would have needed to read the whole speech out from the page. You were amazing - well done!!


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Wow I am so moved by your reactions! And since it is crying-rivers-day that's what I'm doing.

A few reactions to your questions. I have practised for 10 weeks. By myself, on camera ( and then sent it to some people for feedback). I was walking around recording it in my phone, so I could listen back later. ( it always went wrong in the same sections.

After that I moved on to keywords.

I think I practised it well over two hundred times.

I brought my papers on stage, but was surprised that I didn't acually need it as much as i thought I would.

In the work I used to do i was always happy when I could get to a conference, I have always liked doing 'talks'.

The organising people were people I knew and I asked them if they thought my story could be of interest. I have never done anything this big. And it is a weird feeling that my SAH brought this on...

I am taken aback by all the attention this generates and I don't think I would have dared if I had known.. :)

And now, it is lie-on-the-couch-time for me!

Have a nice evening!!

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Thanks Nessie

This world is so new so different to where I was before. I find the new me a little strange and maybe the world is not ready for the new me either. Your words are truely inspiring and offer a great deal of comfort. I am now more determined to steer my own ship. Thank You

Karen x

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