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hi im Paul from Sutton in Ashfield


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Hi Paul

And welcome to the site I to am a HGV driver I had my explosion August 2011 I am now nearing the end of the road to find out if I am getting my licence's back only another 6-8 weeks to go till DVLA make their decision, I've got more than my fingers crossed :-D. I use a lot of chillies and tobasco sauce in my food now to try and make my food taste some way to normal ( my wife does this for me when she's cooking :lol:) .

Take care best wishes to you and your girlfriend


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Hi Paul and girlfriend!

Welcome to BTG - glad you found this site so early on!!! So much information, help and support. Best place to be! We're all here for one another as we get through our recoveries'

Hope to hear more from you. Hang in there, it will and does get better :biggrin:

Big hugs to both of you,


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Hi Paul welcome to BTG

My driving license still hasn't been returned after over 14 months:-( I am desperate to get back in my car but my neuro consultant still hasn't responded to DVLA's requests:-( I havnt ever suffered seizures either

Your girlfriend may require some support Paul, my husband was a mess following my SAH. He was fine the whole time I was in hospital, it was when I was discharged 4 months later her fell apart:-( He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome:-(

We both now attend Mindfulness Classes at our local brain injury unit which help immensely.

Welcome again :-D

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Hi patsy

I've no idea where Yvonne has found the strength she took a second job on once I was in hospital to help pay bills an buy food she's really been amazing I've thought about attending headway just to see if it helps . I know once I'm back at work I'm bookin a holiday sounds good just been off 8 months lol an needs a holiday I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back cath on here as advices me to make sure I'm ready an not rush into work mind you they might be finishing my contract of employment on Tuesday do to Ill health Welcome to the site too :cool:

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Hi people. Well it's gettin closer to a yr since my head exploded not sure how I feel or how I should be feelin well here's the tears again I wasn't expecting to see Xmas again I hope anyone reading this, that as been told they have an aneursym in there brain doesn't do what I did an just hope the doc as ya meds right try push for brain scans closer then 2 yrs apart the pain I remember still like it was yesterday an I wouldn't wish that on anyone. An the other thing is get someone to fight for u to get u benefits your entitled too if u don't have the money worries I'm sure you'll recover quicker less to stress over ! Lets hope this Xmas an new year is a better one ! Merry Christmas my friends !!! Can't type no more too many tears

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Hi Scoobs, the 1 year mark can be quite emotional. It brings up all the feelings and memories of what happened. Try and think about how much progress you've made since you came out of hospital. Even in the last 6 months. It's unfortunate that it happened but you've accomplished so much since it did.

With the worry of your disability claim out of the way now the new year offers hope and you can spend all your precious energy on recovery. Are you planning anything to mark the Anni-versary? Some of us treat it like a second birthday and others just want to forget it and move on. I'm still at the second birthday stage. :biggrin:

Sandi K. Xoxox

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Hi Scoobs,

well done on getting your first year out of the way. It's been a long hard slog, but you've made it. You have beaten every barrier that has been flung up in you way and come through the other side!

I didn't know how to feel about my first anni either, i felt quite emotionless if I was honest and i wasn't sure that was how I should feel. How should you feel a year after your brain tried to kill you? I'd bought myself some fruit shoots and cornetto enigma. Sound weird I know, but that was all I would eat and drink in the first few weeks of getting home because they'd fed me on egg salad the whole time I was in Oxford. How many must I have eaten in order to remember that detail? Enough to lose 16lbs in 18 days, that's how many. No wonder I only fancied ice cream when I got out of there! In the evening, Andy took me out for a curry as sah has given me the power to eat spicy food (I'd never passed beyond a Korma before). Beyond that, it was an ordinary day.

I hope that your first anni-versary is a pleasant day whatever you decide to do. And here's to the next 12 months!:thumbsup:

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Well Done Scoobs,

I don't remember 1st Anni as hydro stopped me (cannot spell hydrocephelus) but 1 year and 1month later I came around and haven't stopped chatting, poor family lol.

Try and cheer up but a cry helps xx

Well done

All the best

WinB143 xx xx

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Scoobs, are you getting back up and support from GP or consultant to get your license back. Without that support then it will be blooming hard.

I don't know anything about benefits other than if you've been turned down then you should appeal. Again your GP support is vital.

Did you ever get to meet up with Headway?

Hoping things look up for soon.

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Hi all

Well think I've hit rock bottom after 28 months

I've got no motivation I've only just got out of bed an I've given up on gettin any help off this government I'm livin on 44 pound a week DLA can't have jobseekers cos I've been out of work for over 2 yr And they stopped my ESA so lifes not good. I hope you all are ok keep fightin it's all u can do xx

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Paul, you must go to an independent welfare rights dept if you haven't already. I do know that most benefits, not DLA of course, are means tested.

Have you had a benefit check from an independent source to make sure you are getting all you are entitled to? There are other non monetary benefits as well like free prescriptions. You may also be able to get help with council tax and rent if you pay it.

Your local or county council should have a welfare rights dept, Citizens Advice and many charities have welfare rights advisers. Please try to find help regarding benefits, you may well be entitled to more. The DWP no longer inform you what you are able to claim unless you specifically ask.

Meanwhile go to see your doctor about the way you are feeling, there will be something out there to help you cope, not necessarily drugs, could be counselling. Ask to be referred to all agencies that your doctor feels could help you.

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Paul, I'm so very sorry to hear that you're feeling so down. Penny has given you good practical advice, so I can't really add anything, but please go and see your Doctor, as many of us will know how you're feeling. xx

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I am sorry too Paul, but that's great advice from Penny look into it mate...

And yes please see your GP they can get the ball rolling on lots of things ask their help too...

I too am going through this too my ESA stops next month, & know if you don't ask you don't get.

You've made the first move by posing..

take care

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Scoobs. I can't add to the advice Penny has given it all sounds very sensible. I am sorry things feel so awful for you right now. I can only say that learning to process my loss of confidence and adjust to changes from my previous way of life post SAH has been almost harder in some ways than the initial trauma days and those were awful enough :shock:....but please please get some help and talk to someone about all of it. I needed that help to adjust and come to terms with all the changes i have had to make post SAH and I believe you too will learn new ways to rebuild your confidence and hopefully find new avenues to earn some money.

I wonder Have you thought about volunteering in a capacity that you can physically manage? I'm sure you have plenty of experience that organisations could use and doing something is often better than nothing and having time to worry and think and I have always found that it often leads to different doors opening. Just a thought anyway. Sending positive vibes.

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Sorry to hear you're so down at the moment - but the only way is up. Go and see the Citizens Advice.

What about Attendance Allowance and Carers Allowance and Motability and DLA. It's disgraceful no-one has given you that advice already. Go online to gov.uk. There's over 40 benefits, I think -you must be entitled to some of them! Get someone to go through it for you if you're not up to it yourself.

Whatever you do, don't you dare give up lad - we need you on here, fighting fit and giving support to others. I hope you live in a marginal seat where you can make a difference with your vote! Get on to your local paper - they often fight causes like yours! Appeal, make a noise, anything but don't give up.

Good luck


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