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4th Anni-versary today - 21st Nov 2013


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Hello everyone,

Big day here for me - it is my 4th year anni-versary.

Not entirely sure how I feel. I'm not emotional, just reflecting on the day I suppose.

I can certainly vouch for how things get better, although that sentence does need some explaining.

Life is most certainly different. I still suffer with fatigue which has affected every aspect of my life. I am unable to go through any day without needing a nap to rest and restore. As a consequence, this affects jobs, social life, hobbies, family life, friends, independence and financial independence. No aspect of life escapes it.

My mental fatigue has not improved vastly in around two years – although I have had a baby in that time and so my issues with fatigue need to take that into consideration.

That said, I still maintain, that I am ‘better.’ By that I mean I am emotionally better. I accept my situation and know that many aspects of my life are blessed.

The adage that ‘time is a great healer’ is perhaps overused. I am not sure whether time does actually ‘heal’ in that way; but it does give a person distance from the traumatic event and with that distance comes some perspective.

Although health issues place limitations and restrictions on my life, being touched by that adversity has changed me into a better person. I understand people’s predicaments better than I did before and it has introduced me to people on BTG and Headway whom I am very fortunate to know.

I don’t think that my old life had many people of value in it. My new life, through this forum and Headway, introduces me to a group, the vast majority of whom, if not all, are people who enrich my life. Anyone who has suffered ill health and lives with the consequences of it carries an amazing life story. To share these stories with eachother fuels the emotional growth within us all.

So to all newbie’s on this forum, I can confirm that life does indeed get better. We can become better people.

Four years ago today my SAH made me very ill. Four years on, my brain injury is the very thing that makes me better.

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Many congratulations on your 4th anni-versary Lynne and for all that you've achieved since, especially with the birth of your Son too....many of us will know how hard that is, without the complications of having a SAH, so you've done wonderfully well in my eyes, be very proud of yourself and I wish you all good things for the future. :-D

Life is definitely different and acceptance plays a huge part and a lot of compromises have to be made ... and you're quite right, that there is no part of your life where the SAH doesn't have an impact, but a good life with some quality can still be achieved and we learn to prioritise as to what is more important in our life to achieve that outcome.

Your thread is beautifully written Lynne, as always and you certainly haven't lost that gift and I know that you've been a huge help to others on this forum.

Hope that you have a lovely evening...xxxx

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happy anni versary to you Lin

I didn't know the old you but I can say that the new you has had a profound effect on my recovery. You were one of the first people who pm'd me when I joined & made me welcome.

Your eloquent posts have certainly helped me come to something approaching acceptance and helped teach me to be happy with the 'new' me. I know there have been struggles for you but I think you are doing an amazing job with Osian

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Happy Anni-versary Lynne!

As others have already said, your posts are beautifully worded. You have a wonderful knack of putting things into perspective. I am in awe of all you have managed to achieve and I look forward to reading your posts. It's always good to hear positive feedback from people who have been living the post-sah life for longer, it provides hope x

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