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Yes I walked without backache

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Went shopping with hubby today and I said to Him/hubs "Al if I walk promise you wont laugh at my bum" (it stick out

since SAH), okay who laughed then !! lol

Anyway I held my back up and counted steps before my back started to ache, best I have done since coming out of


67 steps it might seem small but to me it was so good not to have back aching and feeling shattered.

So those who think "Will I get better". Yes You Will !!

It has taken me 4 + years to walk that far without pain, so just thought I'd tell you as I tell you all my doom and

gloom times so a bit of good news is welcoming for us.

67 steps no cane no help xx yeahhhhh

Love to All

WinB143 xx xx

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'There she was just a walking down the street, singing, do a diddy diddy dum diddy do'

So pleased for you win. Each day a little step more. You have already moved mountains since those early days and I am happy that your positive attitude continues to unlock progress. Well done and glad no laughing. Wish there was an emoticon for a hug!

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To All BTG'ers,

Many thanks all,

Going to try again today, but if I do not walk as far there is always tomorrow xx

Many thanks for your replies, it does help me want to do more, so thanks All Of You xx xx

Karen and all thanks for being here xx You are a lovely Bunch and your replies make me feel Great xx

What would I do without BTG and its peeps xx


WinB143 Walks away with a dance in her step xx xx

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