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  1. Colleen ... congratulations 11 years on. Well done and thanks for keeping in touch. Hope your tooth extract is ok. Plenty rinses with lightly salted water. 😊 Subs
  2. Hello Carolyn ..... as you read the many threads within the BTG forums a constant theme is that there rarely is a quick recovery, and adjusting to dealing with the trauma of your bleed can pose some very real challenges to you and those close to you. You will constantly get advice from our members that even after six months to a year it is early days in your attempts to re-adjust your life. For you, 7 weeks is so early in your recovery journey and as mentioned in your earlier thread replies ... you are just finding out some of these challenges. Although this is easier said than done .... please be aware that SAH can have marked changes to your emotions and it is not unusual. to be weepy and disturbed because you are displaying traits that are so contrary to the `real` you. When you show frustration and low self control with those you love, talk with them and share your fears .... this will help them understand what to expect as they also try and adapt to your `behavior`. .... believe me they want to help. They too are confused and wondering what the future holds. Often these do improve with time. Dealing with them as they happen is the challenge for you and your family. Many members of BTG share your concerns and have `been there`. Their experiences are here to help you .... and you too will look back and share with others how you coped with such difficult changes in your life. Take care ... and never give up. Subs
  3. Hello Carolyn ... Just a brief word on your comments about how you felt when you were on the short car journey with your husband driving. Following your SAH you will be discovering many situations where your brain simply does not react in the way you would expect. Your damaged brain is trying to find other ways to help you get to where you want causing you to feel how you did. One such situation is that your reaction times are different now. Formerly, being driven by your husband would have been a relaxing time, but now you may find that you are sitting beside him anticipating every move he makes and this can result in much stress for yourself. In my situation with Mrs Subs ... she often was unable to just sit there and let me change lanes, brake, move on at a junction and so on ... and her reactions initially were concerning for me until I appreciated that the reason was simply her malfuctioning brain. I am pleased to say that with time this has so improved . So when you eventually try and return to driving, you too may feel the concentration required to drive well in busy traffic causes headaches or tiredness simply because your brain is trying to find ways to cope while still damaged. Please stay positive as you come up against these `trials`. You will with time find ways to adjust. Subs
  4. Hello Carolyn... a warm welcome to BTG. So glad you found the site. It is very early in your recovery. Following an SAH the medics are unable to tell you with any certainty how the bleed will affect your daily routines and recovery. Everyone is different and only with time do you begin to discover how your life and body have been affected. Headaches and fatigue are common after effects. These can ease with time but again vary in severity from person to person. It s important in these early days that you do not rush your recovery. Your brain will take time to heal. Efforts to get back to `normal` too quickly will result in increasing fatigue and headaches. Always make sure you are well hydrated by drinking plenty water. This really does help. Please take time to read through the various forum threads as there is so much information from the personal experiences of our members. You will feel that you are not alone in your recovery. Others have many years of living with SAH. The following link will help on the subject of headaches. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?q=headaches Please take time to share your SAH experience with us in the Introduce Yourself Forum and you can expect much help from our members with any questions you may have. Wishing you well as you begin this challenging journey Subs
  5. Chris ,,,,, well done four years on. It`s been great to follow your progress on BTG as you`ve tackled your life post NASAH. Getting yourself back to running, dealing with your employment and change of jobs. Being there for your two girls as they have grown and been successful with their studies.... and even sending one of them to the UK ! Take care and all the best in the years ahead. Subs
  6. Hi Patc, you may get some help from this link. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=tickly sensation&page=1&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Subs
  7. Hello Teri … and also a warm welcome to BTG. It is very early days in you recovery and the post NASAH symptoms you describe are very common. You will find support and comfort as you read the various threads on this site. They are the personal experiences of so many survivors. It is so important to accept at the outset that your brain has been injured by the bleed. Don`t try and rush the healing process by attempting to get your life back to what it was too quickly. Recovery will take many months of patience and rest while you deal with and accept the physical and emotional circumstances you find yourself in. Heed Casey`s good advice. I do hope you have the support of family and close friends. Take time to explain to them how you feel. This is such a new situation for them too. They can`t see the internal damage caused by the bleed. To them initially you may look normal. If you have employment …. please don`t rush to get back … take advice from your consultants and phase any return so that you can gauge how your body and brain are reacting. Fatigue and tiredness will challenge you a lot. Please keep in touch regularly with us and our members will be eager to respond to any questions you may have. Take care and I wish you well on this difficult and challenging journey. Subs
  8. Hello Sharon There are many threads on this site discussing `unruptured aneurysms`. Follow this link to access the information. I hope you will be able to relate to some of the discussions and find the comments helpful. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=unruptured&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Surviving SAH is challenging enough and the added emotions when discovering that you have unruptured aneurysms creates a totally different set of challenges as you seek to recover. Take the time you need to gather information to help you with these decisions … and remember your consultants and neurosurgeon are there to help with your questions. Wishing you well as you continue to recover and deal with these challenges. Subs
  9. Good afternoon and a warm welcome to BTG. You will find much help and support from members of a wide mix of ages and degrees of brain trauma severity. Reading their experiences will be invaluable to you as you deal with your own recovery. The stresses of your husband`s brain tumour surgery, then dealing with your own brain haemorrhage will have been such a dramatic and emotional time for you all. It is great to hear that it has brought you family and friends together as they have sought to support you both in these early days. Your decision to take immediate retirement will certainly increase your recovery chances. Twelve months on you will be adjusting well to any restraints caused by your bleed, and I am sure that you will still be trying to improve too. Being patient and accepting change is so important. Please continue to post with your thoughts and any questions you may have, and take time to look into the BTG Green Room to follow the daily light banter from our members. Best wishes to you and your husband. Subs
  10. Well done indeed. You must be so proud of your achievement. Great feeling crossing that finishing line ! Subs
  11. Hello Jo-Anne and also a warm welcome to BTG from across the waters. Glad you are finding the site helpful. Headaches is one of the debilitating side effects post SAH. Everyone is affected differently by the levels of severity. You will find that increased stress, not keeping hydrate with plenty water and lack of rest throughout your day my have a baring on how you are affected. Don`t hesitate to contact your medics to get peace of mind. Looking forward to hearing more about you progress in the days ahead. Please feel welcome to visit the Green Room where you can take part in the daily banter. There is always something there to make you smile and take your mind away from living with SAH recovery. Subs
  12. Hello Perry … and also a warm welcome to BTG. It is only right that following such a dramatic and invasive operation, you are filled with anxiety, uncertainty and looking for more answers. The earlier comments explain early discharge well. Very little comment and next to no advice. But as they say …. the extremely delicate procedure has been carried out and the Medics are happy with the result or you would not be discharged. Cases of serious problems arising immediately following discharge are in a minority. However as Michelle highlighted, your brain has been subjected to serious trauma and even at discharge, no-one can tell how this will play out as you slowly recover at home. Problems such as fatigue, headaches, memory loss, frustration and irritability, personality issues, reduced sight and difficulty when in crowded noisy places, are but a few of the many post SAH issues. Everyone`s bleed is unique and everyone is affected differently. Reading the various BTG Forum threads will help you greatly in the days and weeks ahead. If you have been in employment.... do not attempt to return to full time work too soon. It is better to take these early months to recover than to return too early and be faced with failing to cope with the job you used to perform with ease. Please don`t be afraid to talk openly to your family about any fears you encounter. Remember they too are to some degree in shock, as they are so uncertain as to how best they can help you. The bottom line is that you are perfectly in order to make contact any time with your consultant to allay any fears. Best wishes to you and your family in the days and months ahead. Subs
  13. Hi Andrea and also well done 4 years after your SAH. Hope all goes well with your follow-up scan next week. Always great to read your posts throughout the year. Thanks for your valued input to BTG. Take care and best wishes as you continue living and working post SAH. Subs
  14. Karen, also a huge well done 14 years on. As a post SAH Carer of over 8 years, the support from the Mods and members of BTG were undoubtedly a major help in Mrs Subs and myself dealing positively with Mrs Sub`s recovery. We had been struggling until Winnie directed me to BTG 4 1/2 years ago. We will always be in BTG`s debt … thank you so much. With over 3,200 members and so much of value within these forums … thank you for having the vision and dedication, given your own struggles with recovery. Subs
  15. Hello Jean …. you probably have already checked the comments on the RCVS link ... https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?&q=RCVS&page=1&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Subs
  16. Hello Yun, and also a very warm welcome to BTG. Glad you are feeling positive nine months after your bleed, and well done for getting back to full time employment. Always be watchful for early signs of fatigue as you go about your daily work and home life. Listen to your brain and body as stress and over work can hinder your recovery. Don`t be afraid to take that `time out`. The following links may be helpful and to find further threads concerning `itchy scalp` simply key `itchy scalp` into the search option at the top right of the welcome page. https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/5917-strange-feeling-over-my-head-3-months-out/?tab=comments#comment-109687 https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/5917-strange-feeling-over-my-head-3-months-out/?tab=comments#comment-111004 https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/6138-questions-about-head-tingling-and-eye-pain/?tab=comments#comment-113464 https://web.behindthegray.net/topic/3057-after-a-subarachnoid-haemorrhage/?tab=comments#comment-41898 Well done so far and please keep in touch about your progress. Subs
  17. Hello and a warm welcome to BTG. You are among friends who sympathise with your anxieties and concerns. It is a fact that when you are discharged from hospital, the medics can offer some general advice on how to face the future, however they simply do not know in detail how the bleed trauma has affected your brain. This only becomes apparent to you and your close friends and colleagues as you attempt to get back to 'normal' . There are so many real life experiences shared within these Forums and I am sure you will be encouraged as you face the ups and downs of recovery. Take care and please don't hesitate to share your concerns. Our members will be eager to help. Subs
  18. Hello Heather. I noticed that Emilia Clarke of Game of thrones fame was on our BBC Breakfast programme this morning I m sure Rebecca would identify with her having also had SAH trauma at a young age. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/personal-history/emilia-clarke-a-battle-for-my-life-brain-aneurysm-surgery-game-of-thrones Subs
  19. Hello Heather, also thanks for sharing about your daughter Rebecca 4 1/2 years on. It really is so uplifting to learn how she has adapted and done so well in her studies. Achieving her degree with 1st class honours and then getting that post at the RVI must make both of you so proud of her resolve and determination. We all know how much support she will have needed during the early years …. well done to you and your family . Wishing Rebecca every success as she settles into her working life while also coping with her SAH recovery. Subs
  20. Well done ….. never give up `fighting` to improve your quality of life. Subs
  21. Hello Mandie As we often comment …. there is a wealth of information within the various forums of BTG. The link below is from page 10 of the NASAH forum. I am sure you will identify and sympathise with much of the very detailed comments made by our members all these years ago. Apologies if you have already read this thread. Subs
  22. Hello and thanks for your comments. Relentless pain is so debilitating for your hubby and so hard for you as you feel helpless to offer any relief. As Jess comments, definitely continue to check with your medics. Also, as it seems to be worse during the night, has he tried sleeping in a more upright position. Elevating him with these longer `V` shaped pillows is worth considering. Subs
  23. Hello, and also a warm welcome to BTG Great to hear that you are already finding support from reading the various threads by our members. So glad that your hubby is now home. I am sure that your own profession will be of great benefit as you help him in his recovery. It is very early in his journey and the very nature of SAH means that only over these next few days and months will you both begin to discover the damage caused to his brain by the bleed, as the after effects begin to become apparent.. Prepare yourself for the highs and lows along the way. Please ensure that you take care of yourself too. It can be easy to overlook that your own health is beginning to suffer in your attempts to give dedicated care to your husband. Take time out and talk often to family and friends about progress. Eat and rest well. I trust that your own employers are being sympathetic in these early days and giving you the time you need to rearrange your lives. Well done for ensuring that he received the medical support he needed when you found out the decision had been made to cancel his trip to Sydney. Your desire to give hubby whatever it takes in terms of support will not go un-noticed and he will thank you in his own time. Take care and thanks for sharing. Subs
  24. Hi …. If you utilise the site `search` function at the top of the Homepage you will find the information available on sight issues post SAH. https://web.behindthegray.net/search/?q=eyesight Subs
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