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Great news ,i passed my maths exam !!!

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hi all , sorry i haven't been on for ages as i have been really busy starting up my new business with my hubby ....anyway good news some of u might remember i took my maths exam and failed miserably anyhow i took it again and i passed with a gcse grade a !!!!!!i know i was shocked myself !!!!so now im being put in for an achievers award , so anyone out there doubting themselves DONT believe me if i can do it so can you xxxxxxx love to you all lynz, the grad a student hee hee!!!:razz:oh just so u know i got an f in maths in school !!!!

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Hey Lynz


Very impressive - just goes to show that the brain is kicking back in - it's not an easy thing to pass anyway let alone after a brain trauma. Well done you, what an achievement and inspiration.

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hey thanks for all the positive comments i am very proud of myself !!!! i hope i can inspire you all to believe that you can achieve anything if you put your mind too it , my examiners want me to do a statement about my condition and the things that i had to overcome to pass my exam ,if any of you want to give me any quotes from yourselves to use that would be great or anything that you would be worried or put off by doing an exam p.s im not being big headed just v proud of my little self haa haa !!!:wink:

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