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Hi I'm Kate...NASAH Feb 2011


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Hi guys....

Feeling fed up and searching for inspiration when I came across this site...just what I needed! Read through a few posts and felt instantly comforted knowing there are others out there going through or been through all this with similar symptoms and experiences...its not just me!

So a little about me.....

I'm 34 yrs old and suffered from a NASAH 1st Feb 2011. Totally out of the blue and out of character for me to be ill, I'm always (well was always) on the go, I can't sit still and do nothing...

It started tues night whilst watching TV, felt a sudden headache come on, TV noise and lights started to annoy me. I was known when studying to get migraines which settled after a lie down in a dark room etc...so I took myself off to bed. Woke up next morning, headache a little easier, still there and feeling a bit dizzy and under the weather but went to work anyway...up until now could count on one hand all the days I'd had off work due to illness in my whole working life....boy has that changed now!

Anyway lasted about an hour at work, the computer was making things worse so came home....put up with it for a couple of days but decided this was not me so went to see out of hours GP who told me i had a bad headache...(Einstein!!) gave me painkillers and sent me home. 2 days later still suffering I went to own GP (had now developed photophobia, neck stiffness and fever) he diagnosed viral meningitis but as I was still keeping fluids down no need for hospital...sent home told to keep up fluids and analgesia and rest! 2 days later not keeping anything down now....presented myself to ED....they said it was UTI to start with, then perhaps migraine so gave me some medication, which made headahce worse, then eventually said they would do LP just to rule out more serious casue but they really didn't think it was.

To their great surprise (and mine) it was xanthochromic positive....highly suggestive of SAH. Subsequent CT was negative, I was transferred to neurosurgical unit in the city, where I spent a couple of days on HDU and had a cerebral angiogram which was also negative....Neurosurgeon said I'd had a NASAH and sent me home with 6 week follow-up.

To complicate matters, my liver function was also noted to be highly elevated whilst in hospital....they sent me home to have it followed up and investigated by GP if needed. To cut along story short it turned out I also had Glandular Fever!!

I know how unlucky can one person be....a NASAH and Glandular Fever at the same time!

Well I'm rambling sorry....needless to say I was shocked and taken a back by it all but not one to be deterred vowed to get over it all and be back at work ASAP....that hasn't happened.

My 6 week review appt with the surgeon, he discharged me as I wasn't interesting enough for him as I had nothing surgical he could do for me. He told me 80% of people are better within 6 weeks, as I had Glandular Fever complicating my recovery mine may take a few weeks longer but I would make full recovery.

My GP has been great...I go back for sicknote after sicknote but she doesn't really have any experience with all this and just keeps saying it will take time and I she hopes I will back at work in the next month or two.....and she has been saying this since month one, but to take it easy and listen to my body etc etc

I know I've been v lucky and have no neurological defecits and physically I look and appear fine but I still have issues with fatigue, and more disabling to me is headahces and concentration issues - I have daily headaches, especially when tired, and I can only read/computer work/anything requiring conentration for 30 mins max a day, anything more and I get headaches that knock me out for the remainder of the day and the next one to.

I promise I'll finish soon....but its nice to know I'm telling people that understand where I'm coming from....

I'm frustrated at my progress, initially led to believe this would be short lived...having read thro some posts on here though I see thats not the case...I feel a fraud...I mean CT and angio were negative (although I now CT was done 8 days post onset of headache so can be negative) but sometimes I think am I making all this up.....although I know I'm not.Physically I'm no different so its hard for people to appreciate whats going on internally and they think I'm ok. I feel isolated and lonely sitting at home day after day wanting to be at work, wanting to be doing things but not being able to...can't even use all this free time to sit down and read a good book....and there's only so much day time TV a girl can stomach!

I'm starting to have more low days then good days and worrying that I won't get better...then I kick myself and tell myself to buck up after all this could have been so much worse!

I'm starting to realise this is going to be a lot longer recovery than I ever dreamt....when Dr first gave me intial sick note for 2 weeks I was thinking no way I would be back before then.....but its now been 4.5 months, and with concentration levels as they are and my job being 8 hours a day computer work I have to realise thats not going to happen anytime soon...

Well I really have waffled now and reached my limit of computer work for today so will go...I look forward to reading through more posts on here and catching up with some of you in a simialar situation....I'm so glad I found this site and that I now know its not just me!


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Hi Kate

Welcome to BTG.

I had my SAH 3 weeks after you :-D

It sounds like you had a tough time of it getting a diagnosis :frown: We're all different and experience different after effects and recovery times I think but we all understand you:-D

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Hi Kate

Warm welcome to the site, another Aussie know there's others from Perth WA on here....

its great realising that your not alone in how you feel, & your def not a fraud, think we all feel that at times.

Funny I had Glandular Feaver few years before the SAH, my husband Ronnie has always thought they were linked - weird....:roll:

Dont be too frustrated with yourself though it does take time even when you've not had a SAH, it still takes time to get over it.....

Hope to hear more from you....

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Welcome Kate,, I've PM you as i live in Perth, please get in touch if you need anything. Im was 34 when i had my NSAH and i am 12months on and have returned to work, but it did take time;-)

Rest and drink plenty of water it will help with the headaches. And yes daytime TV sucks!!! Im sick of Dr Phil !!

Take care Rhiann xxxxx

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Hi Kate,

Glad you found this site.

You have had a time of it .Its no wonders you feel so low with having Glandular Fever, to deal with as well. I had that back in my teenage days. I remember how tired I could be somedays,. There was no real treatment for it. Kept having to have blood test to check when I had got rid of it.

Rest and drinking plenty of fluid, seem's to be your best option at the moment.

Hope its not too cold during your Winter.

My Son lives in Sydney. They went on a trip to Queensland this weekend,to find a little more sunshine. Also it was the Queen's birthday and had a extra day off.

Take care

Love Sonia xxxx

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Hi Kate and welcome! :-D

Honestly, you will get better and many of us have found that we've experienced recovery many years on and still continue to do so .... Glandular fever will take it out of you and will leave you feeling low too .... I had it pre-teen years.

You may want to kick me, but you're still quite early into recovery, so don't write yourself off! :wink:

Hope that you find the support some comfort....xxx

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As everyone has said Kate...it is a long progress....I was told I would not walk again...but hey I hobble now ~ but backaches after a few yards...so I am going Hydro therapy..so I don't walk like an old f... oops cant type a swear word on hear !!!!

But don't give up keep going and things do get better...if I can overcome SAH Sepsis and Ventriculitus

You can overcome yours .....plus your younger...well everyone is younger than me.

Keep smiling and all will be well....


WinB 143 xx

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Hi Kate! Welcome to BTG!

I had a NASAH too except I was lucky to have a paramedic who recognized the symptoms right away. The CT scan showed blood but the angio was negative, they never found the cause. In my opinion the vein exploded and wasn't there anymore for them to find it. I have no idea if that's true, it hasn't been confirmed.

Same as you I was told by the neurosurgeon it wouldn't take long. At first I was told 4 weeks. I didn't believe it. I never took days off and was shocked when at 4 weeks it would be another 2 weeks.... Even though my brain and body were telling me to rest I started working from home very early. It was around 4 weeks. At 8 weeks I was going into the office. By 3 months my brain was screaming at me and I realized I was very ill and needed to stay home.

I'm at 7 months now and just starting a gradual return to work. Only 2 hours per week. The neurosurgeon has no idea about NASAHs, we don't need surgery so why would they know anything about us? I saw a neurologist at 4 months. He explained that all my symptoms were normal. He said that many can go back to work at 3 months but some take 6 months and some take longer. He also said that I should recover 100% except for some minor eye damage but it could take 2 years. He didn't want to send me for cognitive outpatient therapy because he thought only time was required. However, if I experience specific trouble at work (numbers or concentration or something) he will consider referring me.

We are all different so it's hard for the medical practitioners to tell us what will happen. It certainly leads us to frustration though doesn't it. Thank goodness for BTG so we know we are normal!!

Sandi K. Xo

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Thank you all for your kind comments and support!

I am starting to feel more "normal" in my recovery now, I was starting to think there was something wrong with me with the medics telling me I'd had the best type of SAH to have and recovery should be complete, they were talking weeks....and now we're months down the line and recovery is far from complete.....its been a big help to read all your comments.

I'm realising now I am only in the early stages of recovery....as much as I don't like to think of it that way and feel I should of been recovered weeks ago....I have to learn patience (not my strong point, wanting to run before I can walk).

I'm certainly resting and drinking plenty.....even just out of boredom I seem to putting the kettle on all the time for something to do :-D

Thanks again, its been a huge help finding this site and hope to catch up and chat with you all again when I've worked my way round the site and caught up on some of your stories.


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Hi Kate,

'80% of people are fully recovered in 6 weeks'????? That quote surprised me enormously!

When I got my first sick note for 3 months off work I was horrified & like you thought I'd be back much sooner.......

It does take time to recover and don't allow anyone to make you feel like a fraud, you will get better in your own time, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Best wishes

Michelle x

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Hi Kate,

Glad you found this website which seems to have helped you already in realising

recovery from a sah is not as easy as some medics make out. They are, it appears from your story and the many other stories on here, quite good at misdiagnosis in the first place:roll: I am not sure how anyone can give a prediction on recovery time or tell us how it is unless you have been through it and even then we all differ.

To say you had glandular fever on top, I think you are doing extremely well, but only you will know when you are recovered enough to face work. It can be frustrating at times - I still suffer from the tiredness 2.5 years on, but have learned to accept that a day time sleep every now and then works wonders!

Take care and all the best for your continued recovery.


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Hi Kate

The more people that join BTG the more there seems to be a common thread of misdiagnosis which, in my opinion, is unacceptable.

As for recovery - listening to you is like reading about myself (apart from I had a burst aneurysm) - I too was not prepared to give this "illness" more time than it deserved and was so frustrated that I wasn't able to do all the things that I could before. However... I'm nearly five years on and there are still things that I can't do now that I could do before - step aerobics or intense excerise being one of them (I get brain vibration if I do). Whilst my memory is fine for a maority of the time, there are little blips where I forget things that aren't majorly important, but it still winds me up.

Like you I felt like a fraud as I had no physical side affects but I was back at work 3 weeks later (purely because my husband and I run our own business and I could sleep in my office as and when I needed to). The main bug bear is that because some of us don't have physical side affects people tend to think that we're all mended and that it couldn't have been that bad - the internal issues are far more complicated and as someone once said "I look well from afar but I am far from well".

Take the recovery as it comes and don't force it - take baby steps and recovery will be easier although longer. Push too hard and you'll end up setting yourself back. At the moment you need rest and fluids. It does get easier and as as you sound like you have a stubborn streak like me, it helps you through. It's a long road to recover, but feel free to make as many pit stops along the way.

Take care of you is the main thing.

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