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Great news Jess, I was wondering how long do you and everyone else I guess continue to have test done? What did testing did you have to have done if you do not mind me asking?

Do they just keep an eye on the clips and coils & old aneusyums? Because it was caused by an annie is that why you have to continue to be checked to make sure you do not have any new ones?

Kind Regards, mary

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Thanks everyone. Someone made me laugh the other day they said aren't you brave going back in to hve another op on the other one. I said no not really I weren't ready to die and I still ain't so worse case I will go and have it all done again. Lol. Jess.xxx

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Great news Jess :-)

Sounds like you're like me - lots of headaches but no idea why. My doc prescribes some tablets which slow down the nerve impulses in my brain and it has made a difference headaches aren't so bad hun xx

Don't know whether it will help you but hope you can sort it. I have great admiration for you all with kids. I struggle with just me and Simon (other than the 25 all day lol!)

Big hugs


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