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18 years today September 7th


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Good morning all hope that you are well and have a great day xxx 


Well it's my 18 year anniversary today and what an 18 years it has been xxx


I was nearly  5 years in when I found behindthegray and I will always be glad that I did I have found some lifelong friends here and no matter how down I am feeling you are always here xxx


I still have problems brain zaps lightheadedness heart palpitations but it's a part of who I am now but the good things I now have outweigh the bad my two boys 17 next month 13 this month my job being able to go on holidays now I can't walk as far as I could anymore  partly because of the sah (and vertigo) but mostly because of fibromyalgia (unrelated) but my kids don't want to go out with their mom anymore (which suits me fine) so I have managed and got by xxx


Well not going to ramble on anymore got to get up get myself dressed rush the kids along so we can all leave for work and school just wanted you all to know you can have many years of happiness after sah xxx

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Happy Anni-versary Jess


Agree with all - you've come soooo far since I first "met" you - and it was great to actually meet you in the flesh those few times.  


You're a fantastic mum, a good friend and a wonderful person to know - proud to know you xx

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Happy 18th Anni-versary Jess :) 


I also agree with all xx You have been a real inspiration to me over the years, thank you 🥰 and yes, you should be so very proud of all that you have achieved and overcome. It has been lovely to have met you and your boys on a few occasions :) Respect Jess :) hope you have enjoyed your day.


Lots of love Tina xx



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Hello Jess ... not just another day for you.  Well done, 18 years post SAH is a great achievement. 


I hope you are taking stock tonight of how much you have achieved.


The mental, physical and emotional battles you have had to face often on your own, must have unconsciously left your lads full of admiration for their mum.


Often in their future lives they will draw on how they saw their mum survive and hold their family unit together despite the odds.


Immense admiration for you Jess.





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Hi Jess,

Congratulations on 18 years...I hope you enjoyed your day with your family.  Thank you for being part of this great group which gives hope and inspiration to so many at a time when it is so appreciated...

xx Jean

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Congratulations Jess on your 18th anni-versary, sorry I am a day late.


Well done on all that you have achieved and overcome in that time, your boys have a wonderful mum and we all have a wonderful friend.

You bring great inspiration to this wonderful group and I for one am very grateful for all of your help and support.


Hope you had a wonderful day with your precious boys, they must be very proud of you.

Here's to the next 18 years.

Love & hugs

Michelle. Xx

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