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Life begins at 39 - Michelle

Guest michelle39

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Guest michelle39

Hi, here goes.

My name is Michelle and on my 39th birthday my life changed. I have been suffering with depression after

the loss of my Father two years ago and my father inlaw in June last year. I was at a staff support meeting with NHS when out of the blue my head was about to explode I could not hear and I vomited in the nearest disabled toilet

I was taken by ambulance to Gloucester Royal Hospital A and E. I them threw up again and was told to go home I have migraine. I remember getting to the double doors of the exit and have not got a clue what happened after that. my husband filled me in by telling me I kept repeating myself, and I order a sausage took one bite went to bed, went to toilet took diversion into sons bedroom and collapsed on floor. Then got up had go at son got led back to bedroom and sat on one side of bed with one shoe and one slipper on looking like I had just done a scene from Shaun Of The Dead. I was then taken back to A and E put into the Acute Assessment Unit where my Father died of a brain hemorrhage and CT scanned for the first time.

It was then I was sent to Frenchay in Bristol and operated on my Birthday 14th Jan 2009. After being in hospital for three weeks after having coiling. I am now at home wondering what to do with the rest of my life.

I have lost hearing in my one ear and shake alot on my right side. I think I am very lucky.

I am finding this site very interesting. :wink:

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Congratulations for finding this site! there are many people here who can answer your questions and make you feel better, it has been a life line to me - especially in the early days - I'm a year post SAH. I think we have all been throught the same emotions but it does get easier and you will improve day by day. Take care and hopefully we will chat sometime


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hi michelle

welcome to btg and congratultions on your recover so far there is a lot you can do with the rest of your life i hope you find the support that the members gave me and are still giving me if you have any questions ask someone will give yo the answers take care be happy and enjoy take care

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Welcome to BTG Michelle! :D

Thanks for sharing your story and anything that you want to ask, then please feel free.

As Louise has said, you're still early days into your recovery and I'm sure that with more recovery time, you will work out what you're going to do with the rest of your life ..... it takes quite a while to adapt to the life changes and also getting over the shock of having the SAH itself.......

Love Karen x

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Hi Michelle, Thank you for posting. It’s perfectly normal to ponder on what to do with the rest of your life - after such a huge life changing event…I had a light bulb moment with mine and decided to re-train as previous work did not agree with the new self! I won’t mention just yet what that is as I am struggling with it presently, but I just reintegrated gently back to part-time work in a job that’s enjoyable, freeing my time up to study.

All I’ll say is take one day at a time, pace and remain positive that in time you’ll feel more normal. I’m in to my fourth year now, but clearly remember how much of a journey its been in my recovery. Good news is, recovery keeps happening even past four years and Jill Bolte Taylor notices it even eight years on - so this gives massive hope, that not all is lost, as you may be feeling! It’s a struggle at times with kids but they bring positives and better focus on the road ahead. Always remain hopeful and pro-active in your recovery and time whizzes past, then you will look back and see how far you’ve come!!

Best Wishes,

Anya x

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Hiya Michelle,

There's 2 things we have in common, the SAH and our birthdays :) . I had my SAH on the 5 Nov 08, mine, like yours, came out of the blue. I was home alone, my hubby had just gone to work on a 12hr night shift, luckily i didn't pass out and managed to phone him and get him to come home. I'm still sruggling with stuff, but i'm i hell of a lot better than i was, it's slow but sure.

This is a cracking site and although i don't post a great deal i come on most days and have a trawl through, its really comforting to know you're not alone, and there are people who understand exactly what you have been and are going through.

Best wishes

Jan x

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Hi Jan

Nice to see you posting, you are most definatly not alone in that people do understand because they've been there....there's nothing better than someone saying 'I know what you mean' and knowing they really do....

take care


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Hi Michelle39 from Michelle C,

Brilliant and believe it or not your the first Michelle i have met :D.

Welcome to the "family" glad you found us its a brilliant site with lots of friends that will help advise and support you, Like everone has said its early days but you are doing really well, take every day as it comes and listen to your body, easier said that done :D

Take care and keep posting

Love luck and laughter

Michelle cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Welcome Michelle to a fabulous website where friends are always there to support and offer advice.

You will find loads of information that will hopefully help in your recovery.

Your in real friendly hands here- we are a great bunch (even if I do say so myself! :lol: )

Love and hugs



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Guest michelle39

Thanks everyone I feel so much better having heard all your comments and once I get used to the site I am sure I will be talking to you all soon.

Take Care

Michelle 39

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Hi Michelle,

I am so glad you found this site. My husband Jim suffered an SAH in December 2007. We were left with so many unanswered questions until I found BTG.

Wonderful, wonderful people on this site who have helped Jim and I in so many ways. Just to know that other people are going through the same things that you are wether it be the person who suffered the SAH or the caregiver has been a tremendous help to us in getting better and realizing there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that some days are better than others.

Take care of yourself and take one day at a time.



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Welcome Michelle

Having a sah is so scary and hard for others to understand apart from the family we have in here x x

I have been helped through so many bad times in here and made alot of life long friends x x

Look forward to hearing more from you in the future x x x




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Hi Michelle

Applogies for the delayed welcome - but welcome to the site and to the family :wink:

This site has a multitude of experience and advice and has been the most important aid in my recovery - I hope you get the same out of this site and the fantastic people on here.

Like everyone has said, you're early in your recovery and the way you are feeling is normal - I was so angry and frustrated at what had happened, but now I've accepted what happened and who I've become and this only comes with time.

You're among friends here, so feel free to ask anything, share anything and cry and laugh as much as you want to :wink:


Sami xxx

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