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Hi, I'm Kelly


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I had a rupture Aug 31, 2009. I was not expected to survive, and when I did they figured I'd never walk or talk again.

I've talked all along, lost no memory. I have lost my left side. I walk like a zombie - no knee bend and this throws my right hip out. I have no sensation on the right - can't feel hot or cold though my brain does react to something hot by creating a feeling of discomfort. I also lost hearing on the right and have been living with the whooshing in my ear since the rupture. I *finally* have a follow up with an Ear Nose Throat specialist in late July.

The rupture was in the centre back of my brain. It was coiled and then re-coiled due to compression.

I found this site through a Facebook group about a week ago and have been peeking in... It has been comforting to see that some of the things I`ve been living with (hot flashes, whooshing ears, frustration, flat emotions, too much emotion, fear that I`ve come as far as I`m going to) are all `normal`.

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Hi Kelly and a warm welcome! :-D

Hope that the ENT Specialist can give you some answers ... I've had the whooshing in my ears ever since the SAH 6 years ago, but it has got better ....

Hope that you find some comfort from the site. xx

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Hi Kelly

Welcome to BTG! - It is so good to find this site and find others who understand what you have been through (and in some cases are still going through) and who can alieviate your fears a little and offer advice/support and friendship :-D .

Sorry to hear you have been left with many reminders of your SAH.

I do hope the ENT will be able to offer some advice and if possible some solutions too.

Hope to hear more from you soon

Kel x

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Hi Kelly!

Welcome to BTG!

There aren't many of us Candians on here so it's nice to have another one! There are people here from all over the UK mostly, Australia, and USA. I've searched and found other forums but this one is by far the most supportive and informative I think.

The brain is amazing, they thought you wouldn't talk and you have been talking all along! It must have been difficult to have so much change in your life and so suddenly. I had a NASAH, so no aneurysm, I had a leaky vein. No surgery and I'm very lucky to only have some visual damage in one eye. Recovery continues though with the fatigue, emotional stuff, and all the other joys like dizziness and tight head.

This group of people are so supportive and helpful. I'm sure you will find comfort and answers here.

Sandi K.

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Hi Kelly

A warm welcome to the site and to the family.

Really sorry to hear that you have suffered so much since your SAH - but never stop trying to improve - I try to push myself a little more each day and I think my huge stubborn streak has helped me through too :lol:

Look forward to chatting some more.

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Hi Kelly welcome to our exclusive club with only the best folk as members!

Am sorry your experiencing lots of difficulties since your SAH but like Skippy says keep trying to improve, don't ever give up.

It is a slow process and often takes its toll and gets us all down but your here amongst friends now and we know exactly how you feel.

Look forward to hearing more from you x

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Welcome Kelly,

I had my SAH a couple of months before yours and know how you feel when you say you feel flat and less caring about things sometimes. I'd like to say this shows I'm now more "laid back" about life in general, but I have noticed myself starting to feel the old desire to be more productive with my time and fill the day with some sort of activity or other.:oops: I can't make up my mind whether this is a good or bad thing! :confused: I was concerned for a while too that I have come as far as I'm going to, but still think occasionally that I'm seeing little improvements now and then. I'm hoping this will continue to the point where I believe I am fully recovered in the cognitive department. Good luck with your appointment at ENT, and I hope you will keep in touch to let us know how you are progressing.

Take care,

sally x

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