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18 years ago today

Super Mario

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Well, here I am 18 years later, after hubby been told little chance of survival. I can only thank the surgeons for my survival. Life is very different, I lost my sense of balance but that hasn't stopped me managing to complete almost all of my bucket list which was helped by being given early retirement through ill health. That gave me the free time to pursue that list. 

Life has had its ups and downs like for most folk but, hey, I am still living it to the full the best I can,

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Well done SM. A remarkable 18 years for you. 


Life`s day to day challenges that all of us face don`t pay any respect for an SAH survivor who also has to cope with the many debilitating after effects of SAH.

Thanks for sharing your progress over the years. 


It`s a pity that Covid has kept you from your various holidays abroad, and I do hope that you`ll be back searching for these vacation deals soon.


A nice quiet evening with John and Kizzy to reflect ....   with a little of Keith`s favourite `lemonade`. :thumbsup:




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Congratulations on your 18th Anni-versary Super Mario :) you are a huge inspiration to many and thank you for all your support lovely lady xx


Hope that bucket list can get started again very soon xx


Take care 

Love Tina xx

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Congratulations Super Mario on your 18th Anni-versary, you are such a great support to so many at BTG and an inspiration to us all, proving that you can do whatever you aspire to, I to hope you can get back to completing your bucket list very soon.


Sorry for the belated wishes.

Lots of love & hugs.

Michelle xx

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